How To Play Flesh And Blood (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes! -

How To Play Flesh And Blood (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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This video will teach you everything you need to know to play the Flesh And Blood card game in less than 15 minutes! Want to watch me play Flesh And Blood? Check out my gameplay episode here:

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  1. This game is soo intense it makes the booty cheeks clench.

  2. Well darn, now I wanna play Flesh and Blood lol. You did a great job explaining the game and making it look so fun!

  3. This feels like one of the old card games I played online in the early 2000s. Ederon.

    Anyone here heard of it?

  4. I now want an online spinoff of this called "Ram&Bandwidth" for the people that dont have access to this game in other parts of the world

  5. Just got a deck and a box today. Going to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

  6. Around 20th "tutorial" video I watched about how to play. Having no fing idea what and how to do.

  7. With the recent disappointments from WOTC in terms of price point, and over abundance of new power creep cards I was hoping to find a different card game to play that will give me the same, or similar excitement, and intrigue as when me and my friends started playing MTG seventeen years ago. With the additional insight from this video I think this will be exactly what I am looking for. (added bonus no tournament legal sticker cards, and no $1000 price tags on 60 sealed proxies)

    Thank you for the preview!

  8. Imagine READING cards in a Children's Card Game! Heresy! Fake News! Etcetera! XD

  9. I think I might pick up a deck, I need a new card game since magic is so much money. Thanks for teaching me and any recommendations on a starting deck?

  10. I hope the flesh and blood devs pander to the brazilian market of not having hobby shops like in the US and to all of us being broke and antisocial

  11. So this is like pvp but in card game form!!!! Awsome❤

  12. 'bout to go to the LGS at scoop a few sets right now.

  13. Just bought two flesh and blood decks gonna give this a go with my buddy tonight. Love the channel keep it up!

  14. Thank you for making this video Prof! I just picked up a couple of Blitz decks from the tales set so my son and I can start playing. 😁😁

  15. I looked this up because my friend got me a blitz deck to play with him. However I don't think I'll play. Just not a fan of the way it works.

  16. Who else got here after MTG's 30th anniversary proxies?

  17. Friend and I bought some blitz starter decks and are loving the game. I dont see singles on card kingdom, is tcg the best place to buy singles?

  18. Clever to use the cards from the beginning skit in the attack chain lesson!

  19. is there goblins and you should do a product review on whats a good option to buy for beginners

  20. For me this is a horrible system… Maybe im too used to other games but i dont find this very appealing.

  21. Any game you cant learn in 10 mins is not a good game,and FaB comes to a random person with 0 clues what and how to do,and after watching 10s of videos on YT about "how to play" you still have no slightest idea even about basics,not to mention complex heroes. Btw this video is one of those,its about everything exept for what the title stands for. I had ppl in LGS explaining the game to a new players who still couldnt understand it the slightest,and also noticed that ppl explaining actualy do not understand the game,and are in fact teaching wrongly.
    With this said,no,this game is not complex or anything like that,its just badly represented.Placed out by lazy producers whos focus is forcing it upon customer,hiding behind big smile of James White,rainbows and unicorns shit…shity products with insanely low prices get you into game.When you are inside,you realise the deck you have is obsolete,and what you thought is a good starter deck to expand for 10-13$ is in fact a hero card and hoopefully 1 more majestic and mentor card for that price.
    So what do you do? You explore a bit about what cards do you need.They cost the fortune,but…"the booster box is kinda cheep…" And right there you are fucked.You go check some box openings on chanels that are so deep inside Legend Story Studios's ass that you can only see theyer shoes sticking out. And they open majestics,legendary cards,just rare shit raining upon them,and you think wow lets go! You buy a box,open it,and the drop is pure shit,so you are like oh well,its 1 box,so you aim for the case just to secure some random legendary or fable. Surprise,surprise…you are not guaranteed to get it. This is a beautifull story about LSS's products being an obvious scam. Is the game bad? Yes and no. It will be bad for you if you want to compete against 10k$ decks. If you are about to play it with friends and enjoy it – its amazing (once you manage to understand it).
    This story,or random parts of it,are the reasons why ppl in my town are quiting the game or simply not even giving it a try.
    At my LGS FaB day is on Tuesdays,and yes,its empty during those days or ppl simply come to play something else.

  22. Just bought 5 of the starter Blitz decks to try this out with my friends! Looking forward to getting them

  23. Wow only 15 bucks a deck this is gonna be a quick, easy to learn game!

    the combat chain has entered the chat

  24. Coming back to this after like, three to four months, now deeply hooked into the game. Thank you for turning me onto FaB, Professor!

  25. Video really helped me out! Good job as always!

  26. Does anyone know if zero cost action cards with “go again” give you free mana?

    Does every turn account for an additional free action point? Or is it a one time free thing?

    Can you pitch multiple times each turn? Or just once?

    This is not really clear from the rules i have read and the forums i searched.

  27. Wow they cranked the hand management element of the game up to 100. That’s really nice – that is an element disappearing from many popular TCGs

  28. This looks like what MTG looks like to people who don’t play MTG.

  29. Really good tutorial, explained in depth but not dragged out.

  30. I'm from the Philippines and flesh and blood just started to pop up here. I usually play mtg edh. But let's be honest, mtg ain't an affordable hobby. L5R isn't super active here but this new hobby just appeared. Sir the video was helpful, you now have a new subscriber.

  31. I’d love to play but they are partnered with transphobes so I can’t support the company.

  32. I’m kinda sad I just found out this game existed today and it’s similar to one I have concepts made for I was designing 🙁

  33. I am thinking about getting into this game but I think it would be hard to because of the irl playing I have trouble with finding people to play with and also not loosing my cards in my home

  34. I’ve gotten into magic in the last year (more specifically commander), and while I enjoy the collecting and deck building aspects, it sucks showing up to my lgs just to get pubstomped by someone with a PL deck of 8-9 trying to pass it off as a 6-7.
    This game definitely peaked my interest, as it seems more friendly to the newcomer as well as being pretty straightforward as opposed to MTG. Definitely gonna buy a box and give it a try!

  35. Hello there.Just got in my hand my first FNB random cards.Are all hero cards supposed to have the same hero on both sides?One young (blitz)and one normal version?Cause i have a card with two different heroes on each side..

  36. Thanks for the video, professor! My son and I just picked up some blitz decks while at commander night. This video made it easy for us to jump right into playing.

  37. Very excited to see where this game ends up in the coming years….

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