How to Play Go Fish Card Game : Go Fish Complete Rules and Instructions -

How to Play Go Fish Card Game : Go Fish Complete Rules and Instructions

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Learn Rules of Go Fish Card Game.
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0:00 How to Play Go Fish?
0:20 Rules of Go Fish
2:21 How to Win Go Fish Card Game?

Today we are talking about the rules of the GO FISH card game.
The objective in the game Go Fish is to win the most books of cards.
Any four of a kind is considered a book.
Such as four kings, four aces, and so on.
When all the thirteen books have been won, the game concludes.
The winner is the player with the most books.

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  1. thank u for the tutorial it helped me play go fish and i won every round cus of this tutorial u should make a tutorial on how to play fortnite and roblox.

  2. thank you, for the tutorial it helped me a lot

  3. If the player has 3 cards of what u asked for and give u and then he ask again with his one remaining and get all fours ' how to fix this cheating?

  4. thank you on how to play go fish. this really helped me understand and play the game with my friends.

  5. I wonder how many card games we got? I hope Poker will be next including its variants.

  6. If you draw a card that you just asked for, you go again!

  7. Q: What is different about the king of hearts than the other kings? Look closely to each king if you have a deck of cards.

    A: The king of hearts is the card where the king lacks a mustache.

  8. thank you for the tutorial it helped me

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