How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game -

How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game

Lightseekers Game
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Welcome to Lightseekers the Trading Card Game. This video will teach you everything you need to get playing!

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  1. I'm Brazilian and I play this game but I don't understand English. It should be in Portuguese

  2. WOW just brilliant! A well thought out video, and the editing was Just sublime. Im seeing your guys tomorrow in Perth so i think after a couple of rounds it will all start to click into place, I hope! 🙂 On a completely separate note, i cant help but notice your tags, and description in this video is slightly lacking. If you need assistance with SEO feel free to drop me a DM on twitter, im more than happy to help.

  3. wonder if there is an intent to expand to other countries.
    Cant download the app right now.

  4. Great video! Really does a good job of covering pretty much anything! 🙂

  5. Why did you copy skylanders It doesn't need anymore competitors

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