How to Play Marvel Champions: The Card Game -

How to Play Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Roll For Crit
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1. Allies receive ‘Consequential Damage’ when thwarting or attacking – one point of damage for each symbol underneath the relevant ability on their card.
2. Encounter cards drawn as a result of a player’s deck emptying are not resolved until the appropriate step of the villain phase.

Learn how to play the Marvel Champions LCG in five minutes or less or more! Choose your hero and play cards wisely in order to take our Marvel’s toughest villains!

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  1. I have the game, after reading good reviews, but the instruction manual is confusing, the game is confusing, and when you try to play with the starters it suggests there is an immediate contradiction with the rules concerning basic powers and peter parker

  2. Just played my first game of MC tonight, this video was a great confirmation that I'd gotten it all right or less or more.

  3. I'm a huge fan of this game and I would really like to see an official online game release. Im gonna spend so much money on it

  4. I thought if one player loses all health, you all lose?

  5. I was having a difficult time tracking with the video so I played it at 0.75 speed. Much better. Lol… It actually sounded totally normal after a couple seconds. Highly recommend.

  6. I think the Star icon is only a reminder to read the card text; it doesn't specifically trigger during the card boost villain phase.

  7. Great summary of the rules. The only rule I saw omitted was ally consequential dmg when they attack or thwart.

  8. Nice Video and great summary 😀

  9. Small correction: The mulligan is "discard whichever cards you don't like, then draw back up to hand size". You don't have to mulligan your whole hand.

  10. The disclaimer at the beginning says that it may contain info "that is blatantly false." Why would I watch this video? I can understand not having the complete rules, but false info is not helpful as a teaching tool.

  11. In five minutes or less or more. I always love this line.

  12. Incorrect info at 0:45 – I just read the rules the other day, and they say VERY clearly that when you mulligan, you may discard ANY number of cards. After which, you draw the same number of cards. It doesn't have to be an "all or nothing" mulligan. In your video, you didn't necessarily state that it was an "all or nothing" mulligan, but your lack of clarity on the issue, (and choice of wording), kind of indirectly implies it. Anyways, just adding clarity. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  13. So Bloomberg's just going to try and buy his way into the White House, right? Every time I come to YouTube, it's another damned Bloomberg ad. He didn't even exist in the field until about a month ago.

  14. You speak too fast. Slow down talking so others can understand better

  15. what happens if you run out of cards from your hero deck

  16. I dont fully understand the side scheme system, does it have a limit of threat until for example the bomb explodes? Or you can leave it there for as long as you like?

  17. I hadn't played in several months and this was a perfect rules refresher!!!!

  18. This was super understandable. I get it now. Thank you, great moves keep it up. Proud of you, human. Don't forget, Roll for the Crit! Well I'm off to play Marvel now, with my newfound understanding. Have fun!

  19. During the player’s turn, if you use up all your cards on your hands and performed all the other actions, you will have to end your turn to draw a new set of cards, right?

  20. So the gameplay is kinda like the Lord of the Rings LCG, only in the Marvel theme.

    Or am I wrong??

    Thanks for this 'how to play' video

  21. You forgot tom include taking damage from your ally for taking an attack or thwart action. But mostly covered everything in a short amount of time.

  22. 5:00
    Hahahaha wtf is that? The hand of an ape? You got hair literally coming out of your finger tips
    Shave those things robbin Williams

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  24. I wanted a card game where you can be a hero and fight with your friends

  25. Great video but dudes got some hairy knuckles

  26. no coverage of the rule about asking for another player for help, which is the most convoluted rule in the game

  27. Is it supposed to be 180 not 90 degrees? Ahahaha just a minor thing

  28. How does this compare with Sentinels of the Multiverse?

  29. Does anyone know what are those plastic rivets used on the counters called?

  30. if you exhaust your hero in enemy attach phase to defend, did you start your turn in exhaust position so you cant attack?

  31. Serious Sentinels of the Multiverse vibes from this..especially with the new streamlined and new art Definitive Edition coming out later this year that actually has the health wheel. I'm pretty sure me and my friends could figure this out pretty quick if I pick up a copy just due to how often we played Sentinels of the Multiverse.

  32. Seems cool. But I prefer Sentinels of the Multiverse better. Seems simpler and more fun for me.

  33. I just want a Marvel card game more like MTG.

  34. Wish they'd bring back Marvel Overpower

  35. So it's a nuffer magic the gathering ripp off besicly

  36. If you know how to play the lord of the rings LCG, this will be no problem to play.

  37. I just bought this game. It looks… really complicated. I might just stick with Sentinels of the Multiverse.

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