How to Play Marvel Champions: The Card Game -

How to Play Marvel Champions: The Card Game

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1. Allies receive ‘Consequential Damage’ when thwarting or attacking – one point of damage for each symbol underneath the relevant ability on their card.
2. Encounter cards drawn as a result of a player’s deck emptying are not resolved until the appropriate step of the villain phase.

Learn how to play the Marvel Champions LCG in five minutes or less or more! Choose your hero and play cards wisely in order to take our Marvel’s toughest villains!

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  1. How many heroes play a single game? Is this one of those three handed things?

  2. 4:11 I had to play this video in 0,75 Speed or my head would have exploded.

  3. i think one major rule you missed is the star icon on allies, means they receive damage equal to the stars marked below the basic attack thwart 🙂 other than that, great work! 😀

  4. The game is absolute garbage with horrible art work

  5. I just learned of this game and came here to learn more. I was looking for something considerably simpler to play with my daughter.

  6. I just be dumb, but you went too fast lol I'll try something else

  7. just got into the hobby and got a gift Marvel champion
    this is the BEST how to play that really2 help me understanding the game
    thank you so much for the Video👍

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