How to play Monopoly the Card Game -

How to play Monopoly the Card Game

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Learn the rules to the card game Monopoly quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of each hand is to be the first player to get a complete hand of 10 cards. The object of the game is to have the most money at the end of 4 hands. Place the bank in the center of the table and put $500 under the free parking jackpot corner. Pick a player to be the first dealer. The dealer shuffles the deck then deals 10 cards to each player. Players look at their own cards but keep them hidden from others. The dealer deals 2 face-up cards in front of each player, then places the remainder of the deck face-down on the bank forming a draw pile.

A complete monopoly color-group includes all the properties of that color-group. For example, boardwalk and park place complete the dark blue color-group. A railroad group can be 2, 3, or all 4 railroad cards, and both utilities are needed to complete its group. Houses, hotels, and tokens are used to increase a property’s value. Purple cards can impact the value of your hand as indicated on the card.

The player left of the dealer goes first, then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn you may either draw 1 card from the draw deck, add it to. Your hand, then discard 1 card from your hand faceup on your own trade pile in front of you; or you may trade with one other player. To trade, give 1 or 2 cards from the top of your trade pile to an opponent who must add those cards to his hand. You then take the same number of cards from the top of that opponent’s trade pile and add them to your hand.

You may not have more than 10 cards in your hand at the end of your turn. If you do, then you must discard cards from your hand to your own trade pile until you have 10 cards; then you may end your turn. All cards in your trade pile must be clearly visible at all times, while retaining their current order of which card is on top of which.

At the end of your turn, if you have a complete hand, you may go out. To have a complete hand, you must have at least 1 complete color-group of property cards. You may have multiple complete sets, but you may not go out if you have any incomplete sets. A wild card may be used to complete a color-group. You may also hold a railroad group and/or utility group. You may not be holding more than 4 houses; and you may only have a hotel if you have exactly 4 houses. You can hold any number of token cards and bonus purple cards; but if you hold the go to jail card, you may not go out unless you also hold the get out of jail free card too.

Once you go out, the hand ends and all the players lay down their hands. Beginning with the player who went out, each player scores by collecting money equal to the value of their hand. Only the player who goes out can score value for yellow improvement cards. If that player has more than 1 complete color-group, then they pick only 1 of the colored-groups for those improvements to apply towards. All other players score for incomplete sets and bonus cards but may not score improvement cards. The player with the most free parking cards wins the $500 jackpot. If it is a tie, then the money stays there and the pot increases for the next hand.

Players collect money as indicated by their score. Money is only used for keeping score and may not be passed around amongst players.

Collect all the cards and the role of dealer rotates clockwise by 1 and a new hand is dealt with another $500 put under the free parking. After 4 hands, the player with the most money wins.

If you are playing with 3 players, then still deal the trading pile for an imaginary 4th player and players can trade with this player, with the trades going directly into the trading pile. When playing with 2 players; include a 2nd imaginary trading pile like you did for 3 players.


  1. I've searching if Monopoly has an official Poker deck from the Steam/Android game (I imagine a Monopoly Millionaire style cards with the rings and the tokens' game.) And I found this. It's confusing play this.

  2. TCG plays almost like the classic game, but I think this falls into the bottom D tier Monopoly card games. It's basically played a bit like poker for some reasons, because you had to build a hand of 10 cards that beats the others.Empire Card is C tier because I think it has better gameplay than TCG to say the least, and yeah, it is a card version of Empire, with the premise of getting control of the biggest brands of the time, only easier.Bid is B tier, probably because it focuses more on the auction part of the original Monopoly game, which in some games, are rarely done unless you take the risk of buying them cheap or not.Deal is top A tier partly because I played this one, and partly how this 15-year old game still holds up to being a great card game among all four, while still has all the familiar elements of the OG board game.Perhaps I'll give the other card games a try just to give my family and friends a different game to play.

  3. Gin rummy of sorts with a Monopoly twist.

  4. My variation:As long as you have more than one complete set, you can increase the number of houses and/or hotels you have. If you go out that way, you can distribute the houses in any way you desire as long as each of your complete sets has at maximum 4 houses and a hotel. Go to Jail Skips your turn unless you have a Get Out of Jail Free card. If this happens then discard both cards then get two cards from the draw pile instead of one.

  5. This looks very confusing, I prefer Monopoly Deal

  6. We can remove every tiles from Monopoly but Jail.

  7. Thanks for concisely explaining the rules of another card game variant that it's based on the most successful board game that I'm sent to you Jim. 🃏

  8. A minor error I noticed at 3:09, you have highlighted on Mediterranean Avenue that the player scored $150 for having 2 houses, but the player actually had 3 houses in his hand, so he should have been awarded $200 🙂

  9. A variant of the game I came up with:Go to Jail makes you skip your turn unless you pay $50, then it is removed and put back into the bottom of the draw pile, or unless you have the Get Out of Jail Free card, then both are discarded at the bottom of the pile.

  10. This game looks really fun; just bought it on Amazon! I'm really hooked on all the Monopoly card games; I also have Monopoly Deal and Monopoly Bid. Monopoly Diced looks like another fun one I'll probably buy 😂

  11. thank you, this was educational, FIRST COMMENT

  12. What difference within this and Monopoly Deal?

  13. Okay this is litterally the 3rd monopoly card game ive ever seen
    I would see more than that

  14. "The rules are the same as regular Monopoly except for these changes"

  15. when playing with 1 player, do the same for 3 players

  16. I think I prefer Deal, but I love the minimalistic card art.

  17. Could you please talk about How to Play the game Joking Hazard ?

  18. I love watching tutorials of games I don’t own 😃

  19. You are best youtuber. Reasons:
    -no asking people to subsribe
    -no swearing and more

  20. This seems somewhat improved from the version I remember. For instance, you had to calculate the value of houses manually, rather than them being listed on the cards. And the houses actually had to be collected in a specific order – they were labeled "1st house" through "4th house", and if you had a higher numbered house, you couldn't go out unless you either discarded it or collected all lower numbered houses. Either version is a great way to distill Monopoly into a quick, lively game, though!

  21. Do jungle cruise please or golden ticket!! Thank you

  22. I wasn't aware that there's such Monopoly card game besides Monopoly Deal. Understand from Wikipedia that this game was released in 2000!

    Thanks for the video, will try to get one from eBay

  23. This is different from the Monopoly Deal card game.

  24. So it’s Monopoly Deal but worse.

  25. There's a printed $1000 bill on where the money on the Bank slate goes!

  26. Great job by quickly explaining the rules of this one of the earliest card game variants that it's based on my favorite board game that I've sent to you Jim. 🃏

  27. "Money is only for score keeing, and cannot be use to interact with the game"
    That's like, the lamest idea smeone can think when making a game about monoply

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