How to play: Muffin Time — The Utterly Unpredictable Card Game -

How to play: Muffin Time — The Utterly Unpredictable Card Game

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0:13 – Setting Up
0:21 – Card Types Explained
1:25 – Let’s Play
2:23 – Keep Your Eyes Peeled
2:35 – The First to 10

Hey you, what time is it?
It’s Muffin Time!
This is a chaotic card game with more twists and turns than you could shake a spork at. Your mission is to collect 10 cards by any means necessary — but if you think that’ll be easy, you couldn’t be more wrong. You’ll have to unleash runaway trains, exploding turtles, homicidal potatoes and more if you want to crush your friends, steal their cards and win the game in style.

Kickstarter backers, expect your games to arrive throughout July! Please message directly on Kickstarter if you have any issues.

Here is where the game is currently available:











  1. hey so i finally played this game, CHAOS it was. Played 3 full games include first game as a trial. Rule book didn't explain everything like having 3 trap cards in a game. We played as 1 card per activation. Also didnt know we had to say muffin time at the start of your turn instead of saying the whenever during the game. But there is one thing we played because it was not mentioned in this video. When you loose all your cards Thats your end game right? But what if you have a trap card in play? are we still in the game? Thats how we played it at game night. If the trap card is still in play, you were not out of it entirely.

  2. What if they forget to say it's muffin time and still go around the table with 10 cards?

  3. Man, this must be a fun game with good friends while being slightly drunk.

  4. I didnt get to the kick starter for this thing in time ;-;

  5. I’m a backer on Kickstarter who lives in Cali when will I get the game 😪😪

  6. just got this now in august when it was ordered in september last year… havent played it and it is worth it. Also I found 3 blank cards, one of each type and i have NO IDEA what they do, hlep?

  7. I finally got my copy of the game today! My dad pledged to the kickstarter as a birthday present for me last year, so it’s either a very belated gift or an early gift for this year.

  8. Americans like me: why wouldn’t you were born somewhere like Seattle and not England

  9. I got mine on Thursday! My sister and I played it yesterday and had so much fun!!!

  10. Are you meant to keep the expansions in their own boxes or not?

  11. I got mine today. As soon as people can be in the same room together, this looks like it will be fun.

  12. The video says 2-8 players, but the box says 2-6 players 🤔🤔🤔

  13. If I ever played it I would always yell you activated my trap card like in anima

  14. I wish this is in Canada or Philippines because why not

  15. Every card is completely different AND wordy? lol yeah this is not causal friendly, who thought of this?

  16. Cant wait till this game comes out in Canada will 100% be picking it up

  17. Mr Muffin:Hey joey wanna play muffin time
    Joey:No thanks Mr Muffin

  18. Well I’m gonna do a book (nothing happens) aw….😞😞😞😞

  19. how do i get the bestest kickstarter one cause im trying some links but i cant find it'

  20. what happens if u have no cards and someone uses a get 3 cards card?

  21. It's muffin time 'cause I want to die die die! good song

  22. Damn, i live in germany so i can‘t buy this game 🙁 looks really funny!

  23. So, could you just choose to pick up a card every turn to get yourself at 10 cards and win?

  24. Will this be translated to Spanish? I really want to play it but no one here speaks English…

  25. There's way more than 10 cards in that guy's hand at the end there.

  26. Are you going to be selling the expansion packs as well or are they kickstarter exclusives?

  27. sad life to be a no money boy

    give me hate if ya want, just saying its a sad life ya know?

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