How to Play Pokémon TCG Tutorial -

How to Play Pokémon TCG Tutorial

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Just getting started with Pokémon TCG? Watch this video to learn the basics! Visit our site to play the Pokémon TCG Online and learn more about our Play! Pokémon events.

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  1. I can watch this as many times as I want and I still won't understand how to play

  2. How to play Pokemon TCG… Use the OP Basic Pokemon with 150+ HP or don't bother playing, from what I've seen. (Such an imbalanced game…) Oh, and shuffle your deck thousands of times with the ridiculous amount of searchers the game has. Anyway, I'm recommending Pokemon Triad Tournament to anyone who reads this comment. Completely free game, and far more enjoyable.

  3. I dont think 2 energy cards are going to be enough… for me

  4. Can u still place down a stage one card even if u don’t have the basic version for it?

  5. so EX's are powerful? man my classmates lied to me they said GX's are more stronger but then the EX's do much more

  6. Me who does not have any energy cards

  7. Just here for nostalgia. I remember my first ever pack, I got a Marowak Break. From the moment on I went on to play both the actual, real life game and the online version. I remember my brothers and I competing against one another for bragging right. Good times, good times

  8. Ive had cards for like 7 years but i never even knew how to play

  9. Whoever had the bigger numbers on the card were the winners in my elementary school

  10. Imma Keep Changing My Anime Profile Picture says:

    POV: You never figured out how to play this until now, spending your childhood collecting them for fun.

  11. Booooo, this game blows. Yugioh is better

  12. “6 pokemon at a time” : me laughs in eternatus vmax

    Ik its old I’m kidding

  13. Nice… I need a detailed Battle please .

  14. Man where was this? I needed this back in 2000

  15. Every one in elementary knew how to play Pokémon except me cuz I thought it was boring it seems fun now

  16. I have hundreds of pokemon but less than five energy cards. What can I do?

  17. I could never find these cards but yester I went to a birthday and they gave me the pokemon card game and I think they also didn't know about this game and gave me 4 cards and they were all pokemon. I don't even know the types except fire, nature, fighting and water because idk what the sign is like

  18. I used to collect them and trade with my friends and use to take three cards and then read the message on the cards and the number next go it was the attack damage I used to use them and play alone and then according to the HP I used to subtract the hearts and then when the card is done on 0 I used to take the card from my friend and run away but now I finally got it how to play luckily is m just ten not and adult

  19. Can you Nintendo make this game to IPAD / android.

  20. So you telling me I don't put Pikachu in attack position?

  21. This isn't really a tutorial. more like a "how it goes down"
    i have no idea how to start the game. what i can do per turn, what the opponent can do, during my turn, and how i even go about my turn, attack etc.

  22. Just sent this to my friends who just got into pokemon 😂

  23. 99% of us don't know how to play and just collected them

  24. Never knew how to play it so I made my own rules

  25. How do you keep track of how much damage is dealt and how health they've left

  26. As a kid, I never knew you had to charge up your pokemon before using their ability. I had a Charizard with it's 60 HP damage and 120 HP. I'd just spam the attack and kill anyone who didnt have a blastoise.

  27. I have read the rules and watched several videos, and no where have I found or does it say if after an attack you have to remove the energy card or not (from under the active pokemon). I would like to know if the energy cards are used up after each battle and a new energy card is required (from your hand) to attack in the next round or subsequent rounds. can anyone answer this for me. thanks

  28. People buy those papers? Collect them? There's also tournament? There's videos too? I searched and watched one of them?
    Can't fucking believe !!!

  29. What if u obly collect but didnt buy pokemon cards to get 60 cards…. Confusing

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