How To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes! -

How To Play Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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Pokemon The Card Game is fun, easy to learn, and inexpensive to play. Best of all, the game is a social experience for kids and adults alike, where players use math and strategy all the while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

This video will teach someone who has never played the game before how to play in less than 15 minutes. Luckily, the game is very straightforward.

Using a 60 card deck, draw 7 cards, choose an active Pokemon, use energy cards to power up and enable various attacks on that Pokemon, all the while placing and evolving additional Pokemon on your bench and using trainer cards for support effects.

Pokemon was created by Wizards of the Coast, the same company behind Magic: The Gathering. I feel the two games are very closely related, and would describe the Pokemon TCG as “MTG-Lite.” Imagine Magic The Gathering without instant, and without a second main phase, and this is very much what Pokemon TCG is like.

But unlike a game such as Magic The Gathering, learning Pokemon is easy to do, and the rules can pretty much entirely be covered in fifteen minutes.


  1. After the second time I had a gun pulled on me in one of the safest parts of the world otherwise, my advice for Pokemon TCG is: don't.

    Seems to have quite the habit of bringing out the absolute worst in humanity. I say this with a heavy heart, having competed and toured for the game for fifteen years.

  2. – 20 less damage adds it to the base amount….i got yo back professor. 4:01

  3. hi my mum do not get it can you exsplan a easyer wey?


  5. Cool! Came here because I saw some people at school with some pokemon cards. I got a pancham (which is very weak) and I will save up for some more pokemon cards!

  6. I was half expecting this to be a, "how to shuffle cards" video.

  7. Many magic the gathering players think pokemon fucking sucks

  8. I still am unsure how to play. A sample game during the video would help immensely.

  9. Lost my manual on how to play the game, thanks for this back up!

  10. Thanks, Professor! My daughter had me pick up an Eevee vs Pikachu set but we had no idea how to play.

  11. Learning how to play with my 7 yr old daughter. Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. hit points, and here i was think it was health points my whole life

  13. Change the e in deck with I see what you get😩😫😏I’m soooo sorrry but someone had to say it

  14. I am 26 and am just starting to get into Pokémon. Excellent tutorial!

  15. No one knows how to play it but everyone trades it lol

  16. Noon question, does the energy card need to match the element type? So fire energy card only works for fire Pokémon ? Reason I ask is the online version allowed me to use electric energy on normal types?

  17. Collected the cards as a kid. Never knew how to play. Finally youtubed on how to play after all these years. Better late than never.

  18. 1 small point, although pokemoncards were originally printed by WOTC the game was actually invented by Satoshi Tajiri .

  19. What's crazy about the game is that it pretty much revolves around huge amounts of drawing and resource recursion, rather than resource building, fighting, or board-building (though of course there're elements of those as well). Like, Trainer cards are pretty much THE most important cards, whereas Pokemon become somewhat secondary, and Energy are only tertiary. At least, that's how the modern game has turned out. The older shape of the game is much slower, and HP is much lower, though Trainers are still as weighty.

  20. When pokemon has better online rewards with physical product purchases than MTG 🙃

  21. Yeyyyy wanna try playing this at 25+ HAHABABAA

  22. None of this was easy to understand. Still don't understand.

  23. Pokemon players: "Pokemon is easy to learn"
    YGO players: "I've just crawled out of hell"

  24. Pronunciation Battle:
    1. Po-Kay-Mon
    2. Po-Key-Mans

  25. Can you explain Yu-Gi-Oh cause like… I even played that one as a kid and now I'm lost, Pokemon was nothing to pick up after Magic

  26. I remember when i was a kid we played the game like whose pokemon has more hp wins
    Friend would toss snorlax with 120 hp i would throw charizard with 130 hp, i win i take both cards
    In the end wins the one with most cards

  27. Hmm. Thinking back as a child with pretty much no internet or phones growing up, this game was way to complicated for me to learn and play haha. My friends and I just collected cards. Battling was for yu gi oh cards

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