How to Play Skip-Bo -

How to Play Skip-Bo

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Learn the rules to the card game Skip-bo quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. Vea este vídeo en español aquí:

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The object of the game is to be the first player to play all the cards in your stock pile. Shuffle the deck. In a 2-4 player game deal 30 cards to each player, in a 5-6 player game deal 20. For a shorter game, deal each player 10 cards instead. These cards are your stock, and remain facedown except for the first card, which is flipped face up and put on top of the stock. The remaining cards are set in the center of the table and become the draw deck.

There are 4 available building piles that all players use in the center of the table. The building piles must be started with a 1, then ascend sequentially to 12. A skip-bo card is a wild and may be used as any number. When a building pile reaches 12 it is set aside and reshuffled with all other completed building piles into the draw deck when the draw deck runs out of cards.

Each player has 4 available discard piles. At the end of your turn you discard 1 card to any of the 4 spots. Sequential order does not matter in your discard, and you may discard cards however you like amongst your 4 discard piles.

The youngest player goes first. At the start of each of your turns draw until you have 5 cards in your hand. You may play cards from your hand… stock… or personal discard piles each turn. Anytime you play all 5 cards from your hand, immediately draw 5 more. At the end of your turn, when you can’t or choose not to play, you discard 1 card from your hand to any one of your discard piles. If this results in you now having 0 cards in your hand, you do not draw 5 more but end your turn.

The first player to play all the cards in their stock pile wins… Or you may wish to play several games and keep score. The winner of each round receives 25 points for winning, plus 5 additional points for every card in every opponent’s stock pile. The first player to reach 500 points wins.

Alternately you can play with partners. Partners are allowed to play cards from both player’s stock and discard piles, however they may not discuss moves. When you are playing your partner must keep quiet. The first team to play all the cards in both partner’s stock piles wins.


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  2. I think this game will be donated

  3. Guy doesn't even tell how to play the f'n game

  4. The cards in the middle everyone plays on…do you have the play the same color or do you match the numbers only and don’t worry about what color is previously played.

  5. I learnt this game in the 2DS in a DS game. I liked it.

  6. This guy has a way to explain every card game well while leaving so many important details out that it makes his videos completely useless.

  7. what if the youngest doesn't have a 1?

    are we only allowed to draw the cards at the top of the personal discard piles? what if i want to pick the card at the bottom of a discard pile?

    what about drawing from the stockpile? do we only get to draw one card every turn?

    the youngest player starts first but what about the next player? does the next player have to be the second youngest?

    what if the draw deck runs out of cards before any of the building piles reaches 12?

  8. For an extra challenge, you can play a version where the cards start at 12 and go down to 1…

  9. So just stockpile has to be emptied not all cards picked up or put down

  10. I seriously don't get it someone help with how to for 2 players

  11. So is the skip Bo card just a plain wild card? Or can it be used to skip up to a number u may need?? 🤔

  12. Ohhh that's how you play!? #1 is down put 2 from hand next player throws out a wild skipbo and choose any number instead of counting up. I got it now. Thanks.

  13. My skip bo is from 1 to 6

  14. We played just like this, four players. The highest pile we managed to build was to number 4, and then we were out of cards from the draw pile. No one could continue.

  15. The last time I played this I was in jail lmaoooo

  16. all i got from this was skip-bo how to play

  17. Tips for players:turn the whole stock pile so when a card in it is played the next card will be revealed

  18. You should try to teach us blind lost hair

  19. Thank you, I think I’m gonna crush this game now !!

  20. Bro went from looking fresh outta highschool to having a viking beard and humor

  21. Joke:
    What happens when you add an extra O to skip-bo?

  22. thank you for this it's really easy to follow! I enjoyed playing! 👍

  23. Yo, I have that game that I first played with my Nanna and then got it. This game is fun, and it could be used with normal cards do, with say the kings being a skipbo or something.

  24. It's confusing but i think i learnd how to play it

  25. It was a clear concise explanation but my elderly client and I are still both confused lol

  26. Okay but the way he shuffled the decks 😌😌

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