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How To Play Slap Jack – Tutorial – Card Games

Kings Wild Project
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Family card games:
If you have a deck of cards, you have hours of fun and competition in the palm of your hands. Try these common family card games with your new deck of luxury playing cards.

Slapjack Rules:
For this game, you’ll just need 2 or more players and your new Kings Wild Project deck.
1. Distribute the cards evenly to all players
2. Going counterclockwise of the dealer, each player takes a turn placing a card face up on the table. Card should be pulled face out from the player, so they don’t see the card before it is played.
3. If a jack is placed on top of the pile, the first person to slap the card takes the entire center pile. If a card is slapped incorrectly, then the person who slapped it must give a card to the person who just played
4. Once a player runs out of cards, they are out. However, they can revive themselves by slapping a jack on the pile.
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  1. mann i randomly thought about when i used to played this game back in 5th grade during lunch and it would hurt like hell when we slammed our hands on the lunch table 😂nowadays, its the only card game i know and its the only card game all my friends dont know lol

  2. First game I ever taught my little guy. 🤘😄

  3. I love slapjack! I played it slightly different. If one player played a court card or ace they had to play multiple cards in a row to try to play another court card (ace=4 cards, king 3, queen 2, Jack one). If you failed to produce one, the cards go to the next player. And you only slapped on a double.

  4. Haven't played this in at least a decade! My little brother and I used to play all the time when we were kids. I miss the little guy. Thank you for sharing ❤😊

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