How to play Slapjack -

How to play Slapjack

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Learn the rules to the playing card game Slapjack quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. While there are many variations to Slapjack, this video covers the original base rules.

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The object of this 2-4 player card game is collect all the cards. Pick a dealer who shuffles a standard 52 card deck of playing cards and deals all the cards out evenly to all the players. Players may not look at their cards, but instead hold them face down in front of them. The player to the left of the dealer goes first then play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn, discard the top card of your deck face up in the center of the table. When you discard the card, flip it out away from yourself to everyone sees it at the same time. After you discard, your turn ends and the next player goes. If a jack is discarded, then all players rush to slap the discard pile with their hands. The first person to do so, collects all the cards on the table and adds them to the bottom of their deck without shuffling them. Play then continues to the left of the player who won the slap.

If a player slaps a card that is not a jack, then the player who slapped has to give the top card of their deck to the player who played the card that they wrongly slapped. That person adds the card to the bottom of their deck.

If you run out of cards in your deck, then you no longer play a card when it is your turn but are instead skipped. You are still allowed to slap jacks and win cards to get back into the game. However, if you slap a card that is not a jack, then you are out of the game permanently and may not slap back in.

The first player to collect all 52 cards, wins.


  1. I think i played i different variation of this game, the game was who ever had the largest number of card value has to slap their opponent, that was a year ago sense i played it.

  2. Lol ew use a deck of uno and a draw 4 as we call it draw jack

  3. yes that how you play slapjack

  4. i was looking for this game on internet to check if there is a game that similiar to one that im playing. in our version – its called "clever" but i've seen other people call it with different names like "queen" etc. – we do split cards just like you do and play it clockwise. but there is special cards which are "jack,queen,king,ace" and they all have their own quantity. what i mean is when someone plays jack the next player has to play 1 card if if its queen next player has to play 2 card and it keeps increasing till "ace" which is equals to 4. if you dont play a special card after special card the player who played the last special he/she takes all the cards. the other rules are not much different except if you wrong slapped a card last player takes all the cards and the one who wrong slapped gives his/her last 3 cards. thanks for your information.

  5. how many jack can slapjack slap if slapjack can slap jack

  6. thanks that was very informative and plainly explained.

  7. What about the doubles like 2 of the same card back to back you slap and also for example there’s a 1 2 then someone puts a 1 that’s a sandwich we slap on those too

  8. We play something similar in Romania called Egyptian War. But if you slap wrongly you lose all of your cards, not just the top card

  9. You've taught it wrongly i suppose or i guess i played in a different way
    Everyone needs to tell ACE, 2,3 …, Jack, king queen serially
    If anyone puts 4 and his turn of telling is 4 then everyone will slap. The one who slaps late needs to take all the card.
    If Joker is put anytime then everyone needs to slap.
    The one who slaps wrongly needs to take all of the cards as a punishment
    The objective of this game is free your hand from every card like uno.

  10. Slapjack is one of my favorite card games

  11. This is like heart attack but opposite

  12. Aren't you also able to slap if there's a sandwich or 2 cards in a row

  13. Is it just me or does the dude in the video look and gives a vibe that he's Kirk from GG

  14. We played similarly at camp, except for:

    If you wrongly slap, you must put down TWO cards to the discard pile!

    You can also slap if it is either a “double” (two cards of same rank played consecutively) or a “sandwich” (one card played, different card played, card played of same rank as first card).

    Also the “permanent out” rule does not apply.

  15. we play that you turn the cards over at the same time.

  16. Doesn't the person who puts down the Jack have the best chance of taking the Jack? Or once you put it down you forfeit your chance at it?

  17. This is a game for simpel people or students …. Lol

  18. Thank you so much for explaining these card games in simplest form. I have learned quite a few games from you. 💙😃


  20. I played a variation of this, except when you slap a Jack, the players who failed to do so take shots of liquor. Let me tell you something: this is a fantastic way to get obliterated in a hurry.

  21. Great tutorial. Very concise and good talking speed.

  22. Thanks for your simple, easy explanation how playing this card game. Plan to play with my great grandchildren next week.

  23. What if we play a card that is not a jack and slap it what we should do ?

  24. Yes, hello, I have come to inform you that a man named Jack has been assaulted, claiming that he “has been slapped 37 times”

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