How to play SPOONS (the card game) -

How to play SPOONS (the card game)

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I’m going to teach you how to play one of the universally loved cards game, Spoons! This game is great for Kids & Adults. It’s great for Families & Friends. You can play it with a small group of people or a large group of people. EVERYONE can get in on the fun and play Spoons!

Thanks to all the Instagrammers that contributed photos and clips for this video! If you would like to appear in a video, I announce photo requests on instagram. Follow me

Musical soundtrack created by Kubbi . Good stuff Kubbi, I love the track.

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  1. Musical chairs but with cards and spoons

  2. That cat is soooooo cute!!!!!!🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 kings in the corners is fun!

  3. Me: with my ahad 😕😭🤷‍♀️🥲🥺😭😤🤡🤠 fuck I’m confuse I want titles😕😭🤡😤🥺🥲🙄😬🤗

  4. Thanks for explaining these card games so well!

  5. I hope you come back, your videos are amazing!

  6. I insist you to learn how to play baloot , it’s a meddle easter game

  7. The girls in my class play this all the time, it’s so annoying. They never wanna play Egyptian ratslap, only spoons.

  8. Oh man, it would be really awesome if you made a video about "caravan" from fallout: new vegas.

  9. It'd be cool if you did some card game streams too.

  10. Just watched all videos but couldn't find the game I played as I don't remember the name or know for sure if it was a made up game or not and I was wondering if you would recognise the way you play. Some of the rules I am unsure about. ( HOW YOU PLAY IS IN THE REPLY OF THIS COMMENT )

  11. You forgot the most important part: the person left without a spoon is called the "boob" and must deal the next hand.

    Years ago I started a band everyone was different: a preacher's daughter, a psychology teacher, a show girl dancer, a used car salesman there were seven of us. Most of us had just met. In order to get to know each other we decided a party was in order. After the party started to grease the skids we decided to indulge in psilocybin mushrooms.

    The house was on a cattle farm. Just as the shrooms were kicking in several of us admitted they had never Imbibed before and were getting nervous.

    Before the "noids" took over I suggested we play spoons. Before the night was over we were all laughing and wrestling on the floor for remaining spoons.

    The experience cemented us into a highly functioning team. Every one was a "boob". We signed a three record contract with London Records.

  12. We’re all bored in lockdown it’s been a year where are you when we need you the most??

  13. In Italy we have a practically identical game called Merda

  14. Dude you are without doubt the most concise and effective card game video maker on YouTube. Please make more

  15. I found this channel by chance, but I was lucky. I liked the games, the way of explanation, and the animation. Very cool and funny, but I am surprised that there are no new videos. Please continue posting more of these videos ❤️❤️

  16. Dirty spoons: same game but first person throws the spoons after getting one

  17. y did u have ur fricking cat in the vid for like 1 minute

  18. Hey Rulies can you please teach us how to play teka or tika. An afghan card game.

  19. Just found your channel while on vacation with my family. It’s kind of a tradition that we play games every night before bed and I’ve been watching your videos every night after we play, looking for the next game to try. Love the channel, I really hope you come back to making videos man.

  20. What do you do when you're down to only two players?

  21. The cat on the cards is so immersive for me as a cat owner myself^^

  22. I'm wondering why did they disappear 🙁 really such an awesome channel please come back…💔

  23. Love your little companion😊
    Just sweeeeetness overload

  24. This was good work there was more content❤😊

  25. UHMM.. it may be my group, but you don't play with a full deck. If let's say you are playing with 7 players then you get 7 sets of 4 cards and shuffle them up and then deal out 4 cards to each player. You then start passing cards around simultaneously until someone gets all 4 cards of a number like 4 x 2's and then you go for the spoons. You can score, first to win 3 games.
    Having a full deck will drag the game on unnecessarily. Our version is fast paced and we use large coins so we prevent hurting ourselves on spoons as they can get flung around.

  26. "Ложки"- це карткова гра💀

  27. will forever love ur videos and editing style. i would love to see anything else by you dude!! ❤

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