How to play Texas Hold’em Poker in 60 seconds #PokerTips #Poker #PokerStrategy -

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker in 60 seconds #PokerTips #Poker #PokerStrategy

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  1. Wow it really is a small world this is my go to casino Running aces in Columbus, MN

  2. Lol not really helpful at all. I know how to play and felt lost in this

  3. Omg I’ve been trying for years to understand and have been so confused. You somehow just helped me understand a lot in 1 minute. Thank you!

  4. Why would you fold if you already losing the money you bet?

  5. And we can see from the table that pocket aces will get beat by any 8, any 3, any 7-6, 6-5, pocket 5s, etc, etc

    Its great!

  6. This proves that you cannot learn poker in a minute but it doesn't take long. A person who has never played poker would not know what a High Card, Three of a kind or pair was. Just Saying.

  7. I’m 13 and my grandparents taught me how to play yesterday and the winner got $10. I beat them on my first ever match.

    So at the end of the game I had a king of whatever and I had an heart ace. My grandmother had a queen and like a 5. My grandfather had folded because he never had good cards. But before he folded we went all in. All of us. So after my grandfather folded it was getting close to the end of the river and there was a queen pulled making my grandmother about to win. My grandfather was the dealer and he pulled another card and it was like a 7 or something. Then it was last card and I needed a king or an ace or else I lost and owed my grandmother $10. And as my grandfather pulled the card it was an ace and an ace pair is better then a queen pair I won and got $10

  8. How ironic….. the very first thing this person said about the betting is just FALSE…. well maybe not FALSE but not "correct"….. cause lets say its me against you i have $200 in chips and you have only $100 you wont be able to match my bet if i go all in so you can't match my bet so now lets say theres a third person in the hand if they call my 200 now that makes a side pot that the person who cant cover the main bet CANT WIN…. just sayin

  9. how do i know the range of hands of my opponent by the flop, turn, or river

  10. I learned, playing poker by red dead redemption two now I have $600 in my bank account guessed it paid off😂😂

  11. Question what if you go All in wile and you fold

  12. After the big blind does the small blind have to match

  13. So community cards are the best cards for that game?

  14. Any advice for me im trying to play in a real poker game I've only played on my phone lol

  15. Small blind and big blind u forgot to mention

  16. Do you delete your shorts and repost them if they don’t get traction you wanted ?

  17. I have gotten the hang of it due to playing a bunch of it in Red Dead Redemption but I’m terrible at spotting the hands that aren’t matches (e.g: two pair, three of a kind)

  18. Tip: Don't make ego based decisions. Like you know you should fold, but just can't let someone like Ian win. Look at him. Always bragging about his precious infinity pool, his luscious hair, and his cool single dad energy. You just can't help but going… all in.

  19. Where to practice poker online without real money?

  20. So doesn't it make it a luck game since you get two random hole cards

  21. me happily watching poker shorts

    “In order to stay alive”

    Well that escalated quickly

  22. What cards are good and bad, is there like a point system

  23. I know this was over a year ago but still i've been playing with my family, so how does one get a pair when they're is no pair only high cards. Here's the game i played last, I had a Ace of hearts/K of Diamonds, however they had a 3 of spades and a 10 of hearts. The CC is 3 J's a 7 of spades, and a queen of diamonds. My family told me whoever is closer to the card wheather higher or lower wins…I'm not sure how that works or when i watch wpt, nothing really makes sense at all…

  24. If everyone says check without betting we move to the next card???

  25. Now i just need to learn what card combinations are good or bad lol

  26. Can someone explain how sometimes A is used to complete a straight and sometimes not

  27. how do u win and how do u make the "best hand"

  28. Losing with AA the worst feeling 😂

  29. "A lot of fun" if you're OP's opponent and dodging bullets, lol

  30. How to know if you get a flush or smt

  31. How to y’all cards not bend when you show them???

  32. Yeah like when you have the nut flush and the donk that calls your all in with two pair rivers a fullhouse yeah FUCK THE RIVER

  33. Texas holdem is not even a True Game of Poker nothing but rubbish😂

  34. At No time did they reveal burning a card each time before placing down a River card😂

  35. You're going to learn to hate the river 😂😂😂😂😂 you should add a part after that. You will learn to hate the river. Unless you're a fish. Fish love the river.

  36. I was wondering if you could help me promote a game

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