How To Play The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game - Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes! -

How To Play The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls Card Game – Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a multiplayer card game that is fun, easy to learn, and a social experience that captures the best aspects of the beloved indie roguelike video game it is based upon, and translates that to the game table all while bringing fresh ideas and innovation to its multiplayer setting.

This video will teach someone who has never played before how to play in only 15 minutes. Luckily, the gameplay is easy to learn!


  1. When loot cards are used do you keep them or do you discard them? Also are you allowed to use battery's to recharge ANY loot, item or trinket?


  3. You look like the guy who would beat me in poker and tell how I lost

  4. Some cards say "put a counter on this", what does that mean?

  5. You should do one of these how to guides for pandemic

  6. Question about treasures: is there a limit to how many treasures you can use on a turn?

  7. Is that a play mat and where can I get it?

  8. i would love to see
    – unstable unicorns
    – exploding kittens
    -bears vs babies
    – on a scale of one to t-rex

  9. This is the video I show to new players.

  10. This video helped me to fix few wrong things I was doing while playing, Thank you!

  11. only bosses give souls no normal monsters give souls

  12. PLEASE MAKE SUBTITLES IN SPANISH (I am writing this with the translator because I don't know much English)

  13. Just bought this game, because i saw Funhaus playing it, this was a great way to explain the rules for everyone we appreciate it! Now we have something fun to do on lockdown haha #FuckCorona

  14. Thanks so much I have been wanting to know how to play this game for a while and now I do. Keep doing these they’re amazing and help others learn about the game of whatever you are giving a tutorial on. Again thanks so much and I hope you keep making these for others.

  15. Great video! Helped me to better understand the game. The visuals helped make it an entertaining 15 minutes to boot.

  16. Thank you so much for hellping me, this game is fun

  17. This was the best explanation of how to play the game that my friends and I have come across. Especially during quarantine it's games and videos like these that make people's days a little better 🙂

  18. What if after you follow instructions on non monster card after killing it, you get another non monster card, do you follow it again until a monster card shows up?

  19. Would love how tos on Disney Villianous Board Game and The Shining Board Game 🥰

  20. I dont understand the first in last out part. What cards stack like this?

  21. so you telling me all i have to do to go 1st is being depressed? bet

  22. Fantastic video! Super informative. It’d be awesome to see an explanation for the weird “Funkoverse” tabletop games.

  23. Two questions.
    1. What does the D8 do.
    2. Where did that table come from its 😎

  24. Where in the printed instructions does it say you need 4 souls to win?!?!?
    Great video of explaining the rules.

  25. at first i was like ew this fool anit showing us the table idk where to put anything but then he did good video

  26. Cheers for this. My wife and I just played for the first time last night and weren't entirely clear on the gameplay.

  27. Does anyone knows how to "destroy" a treasure card to use it? It is the only thing that I don't get?

  28. just want to say this was very helpful i got the game because e and one of my friends love the binding of isaac games and i got this for $20 but the rules confused me so thx

  29. Tomb. I can't find easy instructions anywhere haha

  30. I was not aware that Ned Stark played The binding of Isaac

  31. Thank you! Love your videos.
    I hope you do a new video of KeyForge

  32. What happens if player 1 and player 2 puts a curse on player 3? After player 3 dies, are both curses taken away or only one?

  33. 15 minutes how to play smash bro’s [send likes to show that we want 15 mins of smash bros]

  34. One thing I’m confused about

    What do you use the 8 sided dice for

  35. So to understand, treasure cards can be used at any moment? And if i have five can i use all 5 if i wanted or is there a limit on how many i can use? Such as one per your turn and one during others turn?

  36. Have quick question if you kill a monster and replace the monster you killed do you take the curse if it was drawn? We got the game recently and its a lot of fun I'm pretty sure we are playing it right but who knows lol.

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