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This is called Canasta, also known as Hand & Foot!
We changed a BUNCH of rules and made it our own, so this is our version! xx

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  1. 9:13 each time you watch this part look at a different person literally crying from laughing so hard at their reactions and Mamoo trying to be sly 🤣💕🤣💕

  2. My Mom, Grandma and I used to play this but, their both gone now and I have no one to play with. Love this.

  3. awww this was so fun! I always wanted to know what card game you all play because there are so many decks!! this was so sweet<3

  4. Thank you for finally teaching us!! We need a Canasta tournament lmao

  5. Yess! I love playing card games! My friends and I do it all the time, mostly at summer at the sea! Wanted to learn how to play canasta for sooo long! This was super helpful, gonna teach my friends tonight! Tysm love y’all!! ❤️🫶🏼

  6. I love learning new card games!! Canasta looks so fun!! Rydel, your videos are always so amazing and joyful moments!😊

  7. I absolutely adore you ladies! Your moms cute idea with the notebook and mamoos cheating 😂 and the fact you guys are all matching. So cute!

  8. This actually looks like a fun game! I have to try this was my mom! 🃏💕

  9. Can this game be played with 2 players? If so is there different directions for the game for 2 players or is it still the same direction method??

  10. so excited to try this w my fam🕺 also, are u and capron gonna post together soon?🥲

  11. I love card games! Thanks for taking the time to explain this! Whenever I see you all playing I’m like wow that looks confusing lol
    Have you added Sweetie to the family birthdays at the cabin??? ❤❤❤❤❤

  12. English is not my native language, and I understood the game, so you really explained it really well. It sounds sooo fun. I'll definitely try it. Love you guyss

  13. I love cards !!!! It seems so fun! Love ya rydel ❤

  14. Heyy Rydelly!!! I love your videos! Like literally every single time you post a video it jus brightens my day! I love you soooo muchhhh!!!! :))) also ur such a amazig mom! I'm a huge fan btw i wish i could meet you one day 🙂

  15. My mom played that game when I was growing up. We play euchre

  16. can you pick one card from piles and one card from discard pile at same time?

  17. So confusing I don’t understand any of this wow I must be stupid?

  18. Mambo is so cute. A little confusing but it looks so fun. It is definitely similar to rummy. ❤️

  19. omg i love this video !! thanks for teaching me this!! i taught my family this game already! ❤ Who taught you how to play with ? and thanks for your amazing content. ❤

  20. Mamoo showing her 2’s in the beginning 😂😂😭😭 she’s so funny

  21. @RydelFunk, Mamoo Cheats and then Rydel looks at Stormie and then Stormie looks at the camera 😂😂❤❤ luv u gals! ❤

  22. You guys made my life better then it has you guys my real family you ross rocky ryker Ryland

  23. i love card games im so glad you finally did a video on the iconic lynch family game. will any of my family or friends listen to many rules? no but its okay i know how to play it now lol

  24. Love this game but we call it hand and foot

  25. How fun!! Mamoo is the cutest I'm alittle confused but playing I'd get it!! Omg that bunny is soooo cute!! I wanna come play with y'all…I love ya Rydel…🃏🃏🃏🃏

  26. I’m not a card player so this is already confusing for me. I don’t even know how to play gold fish and I think I played only once in my life. UNO is the card came I know 😂😂

  27. My family is going to get together next Saturday, I think I will try to play this game!❤️

  28. I've been dying to know how to play this for years especially every time you'd post it on IG stories so thank you for doing this! 😁

  29. Can you pick any two from the pile or just the top to you when there’s more than two in the pile?

  30. My mom and gma plays this all the time (hand and foot)

  31. Thanks for sharing this ! My family and I play a very similar game that is called Burraco in Italian, but I'll try this version for sure 💗 love y'all !!!

  32. Litterally my last DM to you was how to play this game🤣🤣 thank you for sharing! Makes total sense, at first no., I was confused cause it’s a lot to take in. But then I caught on and it seems so much fun! And also the other cool part is feeling like we are sitting at the table playing with y’all, literally felt like I was apart of yalls game night and I was learning a new game. So fun! 🫶🏻🫶🏻

  33. my family plays a game called school, its similar. just each grade tells you what you have to complete to move on to the next grade.

  34. I loveeeee card games but my families favorite is spoons lol don’t know if they’ll wanna play this !

  35. Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole. says:


  36. So it’s basically like gin rummy? I’m 6:15 minutes into it just reminds me of playing gin but more deck of cards.

  37. These are basically the exact rules to a game in Italian culture called Buraco!! The rules are pretty much identical, and a "buraco" is the equivalent to a "canasta"!

  38. So fun! When can you start to lay down your hand? When you have 3?

  39. Yessssss Rydel thank you for posting thisssss brb while I send this to all my friends so we can learn it 😂

  40. When you win, how do you get rid of your cards if you have lots of cards left in your hand, do you have to get rid of them before playing your winning card?

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