How to Play the MLP CCG (My Little Pony Card Game Tutorial) -

How to Play the MLP CCG (My Little Pony Card Game Tutorial)

Kudou Kun
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Full Tutorial on how to play he My Little Pony Card Game, aka MLP CCG. My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro and the MLP CCG/My Little Pony Card Game is owned by Enterplay. Kudou is affiliated with neither.

I apologize in advance for how childish the tutorial is. I was informed a couple of children will be watching this video and this will be their first card game, so I hope my older viewers will understand

Also there arent many good Scans yet, so my card selection was limited, but I feel it went well regardless.


  1. fantastic! but one question, with the starter decks you get two starter cards. do i just pick whichever one I want?

  2. thank you ^^ I finally understand that the faceoff. I had not previously understood as I have read the rules. And sorry if hardly makes sense is using Google Translator. xD

  3. It was really hard to focus on what you were saying after you told those crappy Face Off jokes. I couldn't stop thinking about how terrible they were…

  4. I noticed that you kept using the terms "tap", "tapped", "untap", etc. to describe a frightened/exhausted friend. I don't blame you, since they really mean the same thing.

    Also, greetings fellow Magic player. ^_^

  5. I also noticed that you turned your friend sideways to exhaust it, even though that is absolutely not how it's done in the official rules. Once again, I don't blame you for that at all. In fact, if I were to play the game, I would probably do the same thing myself (I think the exhaust counters are silly).

  6. Thanks for the tutorial dude. I have question if you played with the premiere decks in competition would you get totally destroyed? XD I'm new to card games in general but since I'm so obsessed with ponies I'd figure I'd try to learn the card game.

  7. Hasbro seriously needs to make a MLP:CCG video game in the likes of a yugioh video card game.

  8. wait is it necessary for both players to solve one problem in order to change the problem?

  9. Really appreciate this, simple and effective video, I'll still need to review the rules a little more, but this still helped immensely, thank you

  10. Good explanation with visuals. Just what I needed to understand and explain to my daughter. Thanks.

  11. Oh my gosh this video helped so much!!! I've never played this game and I was interested in doing the Odyssey Sealed Challenge at Bronycon this year. Now I will actually know what I'm doing.

  12. Not sure if this is 100% right, but if so you may want to add a note in the video saying that the extra bonus point players get for being the 1st to confront a problem is no longer a thing 7:33

  13. The best way for you to learn how to play this game is to watch ir taught by someone who already knows how to play the game.
    All you need to do is to learn thw basics and all of the more complicated stuff and everything will fall into place. The game is pretty simple and easy to play it is just that the gaming manual is abyssmal.

  14. Unfortunately, people don't play this game where I'm from. But I still enjoy collecting these cards as I'm a fan of the show.

  15. Hey, thanks for this guide! It's been very helpful in understanding the basics of the game.
    I just recently picked up a few starter theme decks, and by "a few" I mean all of them, so now I'm set to start playing if I can get any of my friends to play. :3

    I'm still a bit confused about the problem solving business though, but I guess in time it'll all become clear.

  16. Really enjoyed this video, it broke down the game succinctly without the added opinions like other videos. Thank you

  17. Thank you I am planning on running this card game at our friend's card shop and this helped me immensely!! You're awesome!!

  18. Nice video, I really liked how it was explained! I'm just curious, being that I'm new to this game and this video was made in 2013, if the rules have changed since then. Thanks again 🙂

  19. They really dropped the ball on this one. I may as well just teach my kid to play MTG. Way less confusing. I think she'd rather play Tokenoko or the pokemon card game. Know your audience! Kids have short attention spans and parents have short fuses. If the rules can't be basically understood in a few minutes, then you've lost them. (Unless this game was geared towards bronies).

  20. I have a question. If you go over the color requirement (Such as needing 1 blue and 1 not blue) by placing a friend who has a power of 2 blue, then could you still be able to solve the problem without placing a pony on that mat that has a 1 blue power on it?

  21. you never explained ritual, fusion, synchro, xyz, pendulum or link summoning the game is confusing without talking about the extra deck

  22. Wow. This game could have been literally any theme. The "MLP" theme is completely pasted on.

  23. wow that was very helpful. do you still play this game?

  24. I actually kind of enjoy the "gentle" tone of the tutorial to match the Pony review. It's appropriate.

  25. People who buy this: Ehhh. I heyt poKeMan MlP BeTEr FAck PoKemAn

    People that buy Pokemon Trading Card Game: Mlp sucks! These are stress-relieving.

  26. Game really ain’t complicated after you read the rule book

  27. I just wish I had people to play it with. I have people for Pokémon, yugioh, and magic but not this

  28. Very good tutorial. I read the manual, but I always look up a tutorial to help solidify the rules and clear up any confusion. Thank you!!

  29. Great tutorial! I just hate to see that it was made in 2013.. Time passes by too quickly sometimes

  30. Thanks, really helpful to watch. This game is pretty complicated if you have v little experience of this style of gaming. Time to rope in my husband for some practice before I teach my 8 year old.

  31. Wow! Nice tutorial! Just got put on this awesome game by a friend. Certainly needed this! Thanx for helping a gaming fan! Loved it!

  32. 5 Years Late, but this video has finally helped me get into the card game. Thank you for such a great and entertaining video.

  33. I searched this up because I was to lazy to read the rule book

  34. I have to know brother, do you and your opponents deck have to share a similar colour!?!?!

  35. A little late to the game. Bought a couple of starters and packs just recently. My daughter has played Pokémon and Dragon Ball Super Card Game with me, but I thought this would be more interesting to her thematically speaking! Thanks for the help! Problems only go away after both solve?

  36. God dammit is this complicated but a nice video. Its rare that tutorials are this well made

  37. It's 2023 and I'm finally learning how to play this game. I bought some decks in middle school but now, I'm getting into it.

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