How To Play The New One Piece TCG: The Basic Rules -

How To Play The New One Piece TCG: The Basic Rules

Basically Hawkins
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We finally have the rules to the One Piece Card Game! We break down and decipher the new rules as best we can!

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  1. I live in Japan and I personally think the other One piece card games look better. Maybe its just bc its a starter deck, but these look kinda basic compared to some of the other one piece card games that have come out over the years and there are definitely a few others and none of them ever went anywhere.

    It might have some hype at first but if all the other one piece card games are any sort of indicator it won't last long at least here in Japan, It never does

  2. Great video! You should turn your volume up on the video, very low audio.

  3. Great Video!, Now I feel more ready when the game comes out!

  4. You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention!

  5. This is so awesome, seeing on Tabletop Sim makes me excited to get some games in on there!

  6. Well done! Love this visualization. It helps so much!

  7. I love seeing the same people in comments in other one piece vids lol. Here's to praying that the real life community will be filled with just as many great people as it is online!

  8. The security effect like situation with life having effects that trigger when taken is like digimon, but largely the game seems more like dragon ball super. When you pointed out that the attacking card doesn’t die if the opponent successfully defends the attack, whereas in digimon they would, that is how it is in dragon ball

  9. yo where did you get the rules picture from?

  10. Just subbed! I just want to say I was here first before you blow up bud lol.

  11. Activate that Windows, it's crying for license!

  12. Feels more like Dragonball Super TCG then Digimons TCG

    Since their are leaders, life card go to hand, and don cards are similar Energy and combo mechanics and their are similar card terms such as Counter cards during battle

  13. Do we know if your character has 2000 more attack than the opponent. Does he loes 2 lives or still only one?

  14. I cannot wait. I'm more of a collector, but it sounds fun.

  15. I really like the way you explained everything, specially these card simulator! 👏🏻 awesome!

    I have just lightly played some Pokémon TCG game, so I am not very used to tcg card mechanics, but I am looking forward to have this new card game as the mechanics sound pretty easy to me and I am a huge OP fan!

    Keep doing that well, I will be watching all your videos✨

  16. Do you know if it can be played solo?

  17. this is such a solid video! way to go the extra mile and put the cards into TTS! It really helps show these new mechanics! Love it! keep it up!

  18. I like the rules except for the part where the crew can't be destroyed instead you just take a life

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