How to Play the One Piece Card Game (TCG) -

How to Play the One Piece Card Game (TCG)

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In this video, I will teach you how to play the One Piece Card Game. The One Piece TCG is the latest collectible card game created by Bandai. Popular in Japan, and getting released later this year worldwide, this game lets you battle and create your own crew of popular One Piece characters to hopefully become King of the Pirates.


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0:00 Basic Rules
4:38 How to Play the Game

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  1. Very solid explanation of the rules! I'm excited for the Super Pre-Release happening this weekend! Hopefully I can get my hands on a starter deck!

  2. I will say I also like how simple the game is, yet offers a lot of good strategy. I really hope Bandai doesn't turn the cards into wordy novels like they have with Digimon.

  3. It really bugs me that the "Life" isn't referred to as "Crew".

  4. So excited for the English release haven’t collected/played any card games in almost 2 years after my local dbs card scene died out (which sucks bc the art for that game is so sick not to mention I invested/bought 10s of thousands of dollars worth of cards into that game) not saying dbs is completely dead but it certainly lost traction the game seemed so promising I was really hoping it was gonna be here to stay. I figured with dragon ball being the most popular anime in the world (besides Pokémon if that counts? Maybe yogioh?) and the amazing art it was going to do really well. Which it did alright I guess for card games now days. But the game just died imo and it’s not bandais fault I thought they did really well w it and still are I think the introduction of God Rares was really cool along with a couple extra mechanics they added, I guess it’s just that people aren’t really playing card games like they used to when I was growing up which sucks. But for this game, I absolutely LOVE One Piece, I’ve actually read more of the manga than watched the anime but it’s in my top 3 anime/mangas (1. Full Metal Alchemist, 2. One Piece, 3. Demon Slayer) and it’s an extremely popular anime as well so again has potential but even if the game isn’t here to stay I will still enjoy collecting and playing bc I just love the one piece world, and while I like DBS I don’t love it like I do one piece, so when it died I felt some typa way but nope not w puffy.

  5. Thank you for this video. Can't wait for this weekend for super pre

  6. Terrible. Hope this game dies real fast so its existence doesn't hurt Digimon.

  7. When will it be available in Europe? All I see is that it's sold out

  8. Seems like it plays a lot like dbs when it first released which I miss

  9. Can't wait for them to remake the shaman king TCG

  10. I've never been a fan of this anime but while I was looking at the cards I think the game will be popular.

  11. Thanks Steven! Your video helped me out a lot and I won my super pre-release!!!

  12. I’m a little lost at what you meant by there’s no limit in picking your cards? Around 6:006:09. I thought you could only draw 1 card when it’s your turn?

  13. I'm thinking about selling all my yugioh cards and getting into this

  14. This won’t last just like my hero he did one video and forgot it

  15. question. Lets say you have 5 characters attach all but two don and attack with those characters. I use the remaining two don to replace one of the characters and that replaced character goes to the trash. Now what happens to the dons that were on that trashed character? do the go to the cost area as rested?

  16. Can you do this explanation video fir Dragonball card game? Or did you already, if so please link

  17. Most great education video i ever seen 😮

  18. love to see more how to play out there for others to learn. I do think u missed 1 or 2 small bits that prob should have been mentioned but great video otherwise. for example: when going over the counter step your framing of it made it sound like you could just use an event card with counter without paying it's cost. I know you explained event cards earlier but just a quick line reminding ppl of event card costs should prob have been included there. But regardless great video.

  19. Does the player starting the game get to draw 1 card then charge 1 dawn?

  20. maybe i missed it whats the pont of the card typings?

  21. All I’m getting is that this is Magic but different

  22. What's going to happen when I attack with all my characters together? Is missing attack phase clean explaining

  23. Can activate a characters main effect if it’s rests the character, the turn it’s played ?

  24. Gameplay really feels like a mix of MTG and Pokemon ! Like it

  25. Is this game as derivative of the Digimon TCG as it looks? Like, even the cards look exactly the same to me.

  26. There’s only one blue card that the 4 copy rule doesn’t apply

  27. Not Sanji going in the trash where he belongs (jk jk) haha

  28. If a character has don 2 for an ability. When you attach 2 don to that character does it only get the ability or does it get both the ability and the 2000 from the don?

  29. Do you have to pay the cost in the upper left hand corner for a card if you are just using it for the counter effect. The rules didn't seem so but I feel like I've seen event cards that are just counter effects so I don't know why you wouldn't have to pay for them?

  30. Kinda wondering of when sleeving them, do the DON cards need to be a separate sleeve color

  31. Long story short it follows the same gameplay mechanic as Dragon Ball Z card game but with a twits in its recourse management. Its not bad but I'm not very motivated to play it especially since we are getting Battle Spirit real soon.

  32. the way this plays heavily reminds me of cardfight vanguard, kinda loving that

  33. Does your main deck Don deck and captain all need to be 8n different sleeves ???

  34. I'm a bit confused about the trigger effects of event cards. I've seen some people taking life damage, reveal a trigger event card and doing the effect. While keeping the card in the hand. I also saw some that are trashing the card after the effect resolution.
    What is right? Keeping in hand or trash after the trigger effect?

  35. If you use a trigger effect, do you still add the card to your hand after? Or if you trigger and event is it discarded after?

  36. The app has bugs. I had 10 don and played the 9 Don Kaido card that's supposed to get rush when discarding Don but nothing happened.

  37. I might have missed it but do Event and Stage cards require characters or Leaders of the same color to be in play, sorta like Digimon?

  38. Can stage cards be deleted by the enemy? Or are they unkillable?

  39. Kinda painful watching you didnt put sleeves on your cards

  40. Thanks for sharing about the tutorial apps!

    I really want to play the game, but my friends and I can’t find the starter decks atm (at least not at retail price). I didn’t know the apps existed, so my friends and I are all gonna mess around in them to get familiar with the game

  41. I really liked playing the older Game. I wonder why they had to make another one and not just continue the other one.

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