How to Play the Palace Card Game -

How to Play the Palace Card Game

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Palace is a fun card game for 2-5 players. Play cards in a discard pile using ascending order, and the first player to run out of cards wins. The fun happens when you or someone else is forced to pick up the discard pile because you can’t play. Learn more with this guide from wikiHow:

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Playing Cards:

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  1. Do you need 1 deck or 2 decks for this game?

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  4. Why must play palace when you could play Uno XDDD

  5. This is literally karma the card game 😅😅 or other way around same game tho but karma has wilds

  6. There are some additional house rules I like to throw in as well. For example:

    If you throw a 3, the next player has to beat whatever card was played before it.

    If you throw a 7, you must play a superior card along with it (including multiples).

    If you throw an 8, the next player has to throw something equal or lower.

    If four of the same card are thrown in succession, that acts as a 10 and clears the pile.

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