How To Play Tonk | Game Night How To -

How To Play Tonk | Game Night How To

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Tonk is a strategy game that is best played with 3 – 5 players. The objective of the game is to get all of the cards out of your hand. The playstyle is similar to Gin Rummy. To get cards out of your hand your have to lay down a spread. Spreads are 3 cards of the same value (Three 7s, Three Kings, etc) or 3 cards in numerical order of the same suit (3, 4, 5 Diamonds). If you need to learn more about how to play Tonk here’s the perfect video for you.

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  1. Never even heard of it. Let me see what this is about.

  2. Played a lot of this in high school (south FL). Are you sure you have to wait 3 turns to drop after a spread? I thought it was just that you have wait 3 turns to drop if someone hits your spread. You also didn't mention dropping and winning on the first turn if you have 49 or 50.

  3. Bro 😎 do one on uno we still bringing out the uno cards for game night

  4. I’m the only child and I’m tried of going to parties watching but embarrassed to ask someone to teach me how to play. I’m using this to teach myself while using/teaching my own kids Lol 😂

  5. A drop is when no one has went out of cards I'm confused

  6. I also read somewhere in tonk rules if you have a total of 50 in your hand First turn you can drop and win tonk. Not sure about 49 but I’m sure that may be a a thing too. Wow I hadn’t played since high school and needed a refresher so this was that! Simple and Clear😁

  7. This is great help for me to teach the people of Taglios while I'm trying to find Khatovar.

  8. Man we used to play it all the time in school this video reminded me of some good times playing people for their lunch money great vid

  9. Always funny how regardless of where we’re from we still have so much in common. Great video bro!

  10. Reading Scottie pippen’s book is how I discovered this card game

  11. Nice vid! Learned from my cousins in Miami but here in the UK I forgot all the rules! I'm spreading this game in London.

  12. Excellent @!!!!!! EXCELLENT VIDEO! Short and straight to the point!!

  13. We play it where you can drop anytime, even on the 1st play with all 5 cards.

  14. Played a lot of this when I was younger. Showing my wife how to play. Love from S.C

  15. Just found this channel. Have you tried Bahama Taxi yet?

  16. Excellent explanation. Finally got to watch this video all the way. Wonderful channel, subscribed.

  17. Great explanation, thank you! I've been reading some Black Company (fantasy book series) and the characters in the books play Tonk all the time so I got curious. I've never heard of it before, thought Glen Cook made it up, but considering the comment section being predominantly American and the fact that the author is a Vietnam veteran it makes sense that he'd like to include it, he probably played it with his own battle brothers all the time. Pretty neat how that works!

  18. Can you drop with 5 cards in your hand? And if not how many do you have to have left in your hand before dropping. And how long do you have to wait to drop if someone hits your spread?

  19. My Dad showed me the game – he was an Old Time Teamsters Truck Driver and gone now. I know my Dad and I appreciate your video. I was in the hospital and my Daughter and I would play Tunk and Rummy it helped us both so much – it is just a good game. I’m ready to play Tunk anytime – you got the Quarters I got the time.

  20. In Ninja Tonk, no one sees when you go out… or in for that matter.

  21. can i do only one spread and than i have to get rid of the cards by hitting or something else, or could i do more than one spread?

  22. Played for money entire bus rides in middle and high school (GA and FL). Easy way to make some quick cash. Recently showed my girl how to play. But a way we played is after cards are dealt if you got 51 in your hand you can drop without spreads or waiting 3 turn for a quick win

  23. $20s a hand on 2 heads playn tonk is how I learned a valuable lesson about gamblin.
    Some games are more gamblin than skill.

  24. Use to play this a lot back in the late 1980's… fun game, especially when you're out in the middle of the Indian Ocean on a WESTPAC waiting for the next port we were going to pull into.

  25. Tuesday Fourteenth of February Two Thousand And Twenty-Three.
    Dear Sir/Madam. Good-evening. How are you? I hope you are well.
    Thank you, for showing me how to play Tonk.
    It, seems like a very complicated game but I am sure it is interesting.
    Thank you.
    Mr Francesca Al Kray.

  26. Do you know how to play deuces tonk? Can you do a video if so lol

  27. Good video. Used to play this in high school at lunch and wanted to make sure I had the rules right

  28. skipped a lot of classes my first semester of college playing this with other athletes lol

  29. Where can I get those cards from? They are clean👌🏾

  30. haven’t played since 6th grade,needed the refresher

  31. How many cards to deal im younf af lol

  32. You can pick up from the discard pile right? But you have to take every card forward of the card you want? That's how we used to play, but I didn't know the "drop" win condition

  33. Your content is informative and your commentary is so nostalgic. Glad I found your channel brotha.

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