How to play Trash (Garbage) -

How to play Trash (Garbage)

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Learn the rules to the playing card game Trash quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. While there are many variations to Trash, this video covers the original base rules.

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The object of this 2 player card game is to be the first player to complete your hand of 10 cards. Pick a dealer who shuffles a standard 52 card deck of playing cards then deals 10 cards to each player. The cards are kept face down and arranged in a 2 by 5 grid. Players do not look at these cards. The remaining cards are placed face down forming a stock. Aces are 1, 2s-10s are their face value, Jacks are wilds and Queens and Kings are unplayable.

The non-dealer goes first then turns alternate. On your turn, draw the top card from the stock then, if the card can be played, it is placed in its corresponding spot on the grid with the top left being ace and continuing across each row to the bottom right which is 10. Replace the face down card in the spot with the correct face up value. Reveal the face down card and you can play that newly revealed card is able, you continue this process until you get a duplicate rank or king or queen. Then, that card is placed face up next to the stock in the discard pile and you end your turn. Moving forward, both players may now choose to either draw the top card of the stock or discard pile. If the stock runs out of cards, shuffle all but the top card of the discard into a new stock.

You may replace a face up jack with the correct card value then move that jack to another location. Once all the cards in a player’s grid are filled, the round ends and all the cards are gathered, shuffled, and dealt again. Except this time, the winner of the previous round has 1 less card to fill, so that they will only need ace through 9. The winner plays first in this round and the process: of each winner decreasing the number of cards needed to win each round, repeats until one player only has 1 card left, the ace. Then once that player plays an ace or a jack, they win the game.


  1. so this is the source for the game Trashed

  2. Wait, isn't this the Takoyaki game on Clubhouse 51 games on the Switch?

  3. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I didn’t even know that kings and queens weren’t played! I always played them as wilds because a friend told me. Thanks!

  5. this game is also called "Takoyaki" in Japan, and the reason for that is that takoyaki is cooked in pans with 10 spots. This is the same game as Trash. (just a little fun fact)

  6. I learned some new stuff from this. We play with many many people in trash, and we did Kings as wilds. Thank you!

  7. When I have no one to play this with I just play by myself with another imaginary player lol this is the only card game I like

  8. Some people play this game with this rule: kings are wild and jacks and queens are not playable.

  9. This is also known as Takoyaki, with these rules: 1. Face cards are unplayable. 2. The joker is a wild.

  10. Oh, and when you flip over all 10 cards on your side, let everyone know by saying "Trash", then everyone else has 1 more turn left before the round ends.

  11. 2p = 1 deck
    3p or 4p = 2 decks and so on.
    Starting from 5p and then going with odd numbers, you'll need an extra deck for each extra 2 players playing.

  12. trash , also known as garbage cans 💩💩💩

  13. Someone told me they would even go against their own family

  14. I've always played with a group who used the Queen as wild but I guess it really doesn't matter what you use.

  15. Well it looks like they got ripped off by trashed

  16. I’ve always played with jacks and queens unplayable and kings being wild and everyone I met seems to play that way too, different versions I guess

  17. I remember always playing with Kings wild, but the Jack of Diamonds specifically could be used in place of a three.

  18. I didn’t know there were rules for this. As a kid, I’d just open the can and hop on in.

  19. The rules for this game are the same as trashed except for 2 differences

  20. "Trash, also known as Garbage"
    hmm yes the floor is made out of floor.

  21. We play 4 ways
    1:you can’t draw from the discard pile
    2:if you uncover a card you can play you hold onto it until your next turn
    3:kings are wild and jacks and queens are unplayable
    4:SOMETIMES we play with decreasing cards
    But most of the time we play whoever wins 1 round wins

  22. These instructions were not clear I ended up upside down on top of my fridge drinking my mother's urine. Please make it clearer next time

  23. i searched up other how to videos on how to play garbage and everything he said in this video is right except for one thing. Kings Are Actually The Wilds, Not Jacks.

  24. "Сміття"-це ще одна карткова гра 💀

  25. I learned about this game long ago as a kid but even then I'm not sure I did it right cause I learn the game in a special education school.

  26. I like this sister taught me and I forgot how to play…I like this so I hit the like button.. I like it a lot it's really good to like.,😃

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