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How to play Uno

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. Vea este vídeo en español aquí:

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Deal 7 cards to each player. The object of the game is to be the first player to 500 points. The object of each round is to be the first person to play all the cards in your hand.

After dealing, the dealer flips over the top card of the deck. Beginning clockwise from the dealer, players play 1 card each turn. A legal play is a card that either matches color, number, word or symbol (based on what version of the game you have), or it is a wild.

After shuffling, if the first card flipped over by the dealer is a draw 4 wild, the card is placed back in the deck and another card is drawn. If it is a wild card, the player left of the dealer picks a color and plays. If it is a draw 2 card, the player left of the dealer draws 2 cards and skips their turn. If it is a reverse card, the dealer goes first.

Some of the special cards are as follows:
Skip: the next player forfeits their turn.
Reverse: changes direction of play.
Draw 2: the next player draws 2 cards and forfeits their turn.
Wild: may be played on anything and allows you to pick a color that the next card played must follow.
Draw 4 Wild: does the same as a wild but in addition the next player must draw 4 cards and forfeit his turn. However a Draw 4 Wild may only be played when you don’t have a card in your hand matching the color being played. Wild cards represent no color until they are played.

If you believe the player before you played his draw 4 illegally, the player drawing the 4 cards, an only that player, may challenge him. The player reveals his hand and if the draw 4 was a legal play then the challenger draws 2 additional penalty cards. If the player played illegally, then the draw 4 wild is returned to their hand, they play the correct card, and they draw 4 penalty cards.

If you can’t play you draw 1 card, if that card can be played, you may play it immediately otherwise your turn is forfeited. You may also choose not to play on your turn but instead draw a card, if that card can be played you may immediately play that card (and only that card) or end your turn.

When you get down to 1 card in your hand you must call “UNO”, meaning 1. If you don’t call “UNO” by the time your second to last card touches the discard pile any other player may catch you on this. If they do before the next player draws, you draw 2 cards.

If the round hasn’t ended and the draw deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and it becomes the new draw deck.

When a player plays the last card in their hand the round ends. If that card is a draw card you still fulfill the drawing. Points are then scored. The player who goes out receives points for every unplayed card in other player’s hands.

All cards 0-9 are worth face value
Draw 2, reverse, and skips are worth 20 points
Wilds and draw 4 wilds are worth 50 points

If a player makes a suggestion to any other player on what card to play, he must immediately draw 4 penalty cards

If a player doesn’t have 500 or more points, reshuffle and deal and play again. The winner of each round becomes next round’s dealer. The first player to or exceeding 500 points, wins.


  1. Lot of fun in this game Uno. you explain this video Jim okay.

  2. Still in my recommendation!!!
    7 years later, i am playing BTS UNO cards 🥰

  3. The aim is to play till you’re out of cards – what shite is this man chatting?!

  4. It do have card expand how to play but I don't understand

  5. No game very very nice game very very nice game very very nice 👍👍❤️😘👍🙏

  6. I just realised this game is more harder than to understand trigonometry

  7. Can U put a draw four on top of a reverse

  8. What is the fluffing real rules of playing uno? Cause everytime my niece asked me to play with her, I had a feeling that she was cheating. Think about it…. she always wins. And I had a feeling that she always tried to switch the rules in order to make me confused. Sheesh, I get so pissed me off if someone's cheating on games with me, cause I never cheat.

  9. We don’t do points.. we just play and the one that has the last card says UNO and can play their last card they win!! Much easier.

  10. Me: Yes! I won hahahah!
    Him:Reverse card

  11. You forgot to say that when a reverse is the first card flipped over, not only the dealer plays first, but the direction of play is also reversed.

  12. While you are calling them skip cards I am calling them nope cards.

  13. Who here is black and hates playing this game with other black people. Cause some of us make up stuff like "pile up" where people literally pile draw 4's and draw 2's on you and you can end up collecting six cards. Why black people why? We're better than this. 😂😂

  14. Literally nobody plays like this . Also if u can't play a card you hsve to keep drawing a card til u can .

  15. If it is a Wild +4 The person to The left of The dealer draws 4 cards and skips their turn and the next player plays any card

  16. Skip card: haha no one can beat me

    Reverse card: uses reverse card

    Skip card: NOOOOO uses skip card haha never happening today oh no I ran out of skip cards but at least I can use my self

    Reverse card: uses reverse card

    Skip card: NOOOOOOO

  17. I Have A Uno & Dos Card On My Home I Can't Play Without Friends

  18. I taught the only goal of UNO is to spend all your cards to order to win

  19. We used to play UNO on most game nights every week as a family when my brother and I were kids. Brings back memories, which I like as lost our Mum in Oct '19 to cancer 😞 She loved this game too. Thinking of you Mum 🥰

  20. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  21. Me who actually read the rules:
    I am four parallel universes ahead of everyone

  22. This isn't about how to play, this is just talking about some of the wild cards and drawing rules.

    It's like making a video called "how to play chess" and just talking about how promotion works, and where each piece starts at. Not even talking about checkmate, and the rules of how each piece moves.

  23. Worst game rules I've ever seen. Literally no one does points lol

  24. Adds some acceptable rules in uno to make it more fun!

  25. Points?? I don't think that's how it is played. I just saw Mattel Game's video on how to play and it says once you run out of cards then you win

  26. Wait there’s points I can’t be the only one who didn’t know this

  27. I’m probably the only person In existence who doesn’t know how to play uno.

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