How to play Uno Flex -

How to play Uno Flex

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Flex quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Uno, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular uno except for these changes. Before playing, separate the 8 power cards from the deck and give 1 to each player, who places theirs green check-side faceup. Flex cards have 2 colors. Their primary color and their flex color. You are allowed to play a flex card as either color. After a flex card has been played, the primary color, as indicated by the color inside the center circle, is the color that continues play, not the flex color.

Your power card determines whether you are allowed to use the flex side of a card. If your power card is the green check face up, then you can use flex cards; if not, then you may not use flex cards. After you play the flex side of a card, you must flip your power card. If all players have red x’s on their power cards, then all players flip their power cards to the green checks. If you play a number card with a flip symbol, then you must flip your power card to its opposite side, no matter if you want to or not.

A wild all flip card, in addition to being a wild, makes it so all players must flip their power cards. Flex action cards have unique actions that are followed when the flex side of the card is used instead of using the normal action. The flex side of a reverse acts as a reverse then it acts as a skip. The flex side of a draw 2 card forces every other player to draw 1 card. The flex side of a skip acts as a skip all, allowing you to play again. The flex side of a wild acts as a targeted draw 2, meaning you get to pick any player to draw 2 cards, then you pick the color that resumes play. The other flex type of a wild forces all other players to draw 2 cards. The flex side of a wild draw four is a targeted draw 4, where you pick any player to draw 4 cards, then you pick the color that resumes play.

At the end of the game flex cards are worth their normal non-flex point value. Each Wild all flip is worth 50 points. For colorblind players, there are little triangles on each card to indicate the card’s color. 1 is yellow, 2 is green, 3 is blue, and 4 is red.


  1. I think you forgot to add the original Uno Rules as a card link. But besides that, this is a really well made rules video that lays out everything clearly!

  2. My Variation:
    You can flip your Power Card back to green after you played three turns without everyone flipping their power Cards to Red. 1:05 If this happens on your third turn without everyone flipping their power cards to red, you can still flip it back to green. 1:13 Similar rules apply.
    To make it simple, there's a 3-turn cooldown after using a flex card or it gets flipped by an action card.
    As long as the targeted player who drew cards isn't the player going next, they won't skip their turn.

  3. I thought it was a variation where you would flex your cards like "lol I have a wild +4 bozos"

  4. I had to check your video because I was pretty sure that in Polish how-to-play manual, normal and flex card description was reversed and I was right!
    Great video, clean and descriptive.

  5. Can you play a normal reverse card on a flex reverse card and a normal draw 2 card on a flex draw 2 card regardless of color?

  6. Get ready for a new version of Uno! It's most likely gonna be Tres!

  7. I'm assuming the challenge rule if you think somebody played a wils draw 4 illegally is still there.

  8. Along with the triangles for the colorblind, there should be braille for the blind. That would be really cool.

  9. Wait but if you used the flip side would the person next to you who's power card is also flipped have to play the flipped color or the base color

  10. This one is too complicated I don't like it

  11. This will be a fun one to add the the amalgam

  12. now they gonna come out with a tape and seal version 💀

  13. The original uno is king all the other uno cards with these stupid rules sucks

  14. YOU NEVER TOLD US HOW TO WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN so, let’s just assume the way to win is the same as regular uno

  15. Flex cards honestly look like they are glitching (in my opinion).

  16. the color blind cards spikes should be on the regular cards

  17. uno flex + uno + flip + uno all wild + uno no mercy = uno penalty No one can leave and they must do their deals

  18. Own this version this will start my uno collection. so far uno, uno flex, dos secon edition, skip bo and phase 10. next up i want uno show em no mercy and ONO 99

    Meanwhile the wildcard : 👁️👄👁️

  20. My braincell is dividing until is gone cuz i almost bought every uno

  21. Do you still pick the color when using the flex of wild cards? or is it the last color? i was not sure abt this when playing with friends

  22. I dont know why, but I think this is my favorite version of Uno. The idea of having a super move of sorts that recharges after everyone's used it, combined with the cards that flip you or everyone's power cards seems really engaging. I never really liked Uno, but this actually seems like a lot of fun!

  23. They should make more color blind friendly games

  24. are you allowed to choose if you want a flex side when played a flex card?

  25. چرا جوری توضیح داد با این که انگلیسی بلد نیستم فهمیدم.

  26. I do have a question that isn't exactly clear in this video: How do you determine if you played the flex side of some of the special cards? the ones that appear at 1:18 are the same colour on the main and flex side; so how do you determine which side was played there?

  27. It's really cool that Mattel think about interesting variations of their Uno 😊

  28. Stop pointing at the amount existing video mate

  29. Didn't talk about the fact that the flex cards that make everyone draw doesn't skip the turn of the next player.

  30. I know it's a long shot to getting an answer because I haven't seen it anywhere… but when playing a wild draw 4 card… if your power card is green and you have a flex card with the secondary colour playable, does that count as having a playable card? Would you lose the challenge?

  31. My 7 year old could follow and remember ever rule, but I just can't 😂😂😂😂. I prefer the spin, flip, uno character, but flex this one is complicated!😂😂 😂😂.

  32. Seems a bit complicated. I like the "no mercy" version more.

  33. The spikes on the side is good for who have colorblind

  34. The targeted player does not skip their next turn.

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