How to play Uno Flip -

How to play Uno Flip

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Learn the rules to the card game Uno Flip quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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Regular Uno Rules:
The rules are the same as regular Uno, except for these changes. Check out my video if you need a refresher. In Uno Flip there are two sides of the deck, the light side (which consists of white numbers and symbols) and the dark side (the black numbers and symbols). Setup. Make sure all the cards are facing the same way then deal so that players pick up and look at the light side and the dark side is facing away. The deck is placed light side down on the table and the top card is discarded light side up.

Whenever you add a card to your hand, you must make sure it is facing the same direction, light with light and dark with dark. The new special cards are as follows:
Draw 1. The next player draws 1 card then skips their turn.
Wild draw 2. This card has the same rules as a draw 4 wild except draw 2 cards instead of 4.
Flip Card. All players flip the cards in their hand around, so they are playing with the opposite side. Flip the deck and discard pile to match.
Draw 5. The next player must draw 5 cards then skips their turn.
Skip Everyone. Every other players’ turn is skipped and whoever played this card plays again.
Wild Draw Color. Pick a color. The next player draws from the top of the deck until they draw a card of that color. Then, they skip their turn. Since wild cards represent no color until they are played, drawing one does not satisfy the requirement. This card has the same restrictions as a draw 4 wild with the penalty being to drawing 2 additional cards for the challenger. and the player who played incorrectly drawing until they draw the color.

When the round ends score the cards based on which side is currently being played as follows:
Number cards are worth face value.
Draw 1 is worth 10 points.
Draw five, reverse, skip, and flip are worth 20 points.
Skip Everyone is worth 30 points.
Wild is worth 40 points.
Wild draw 2 is worth 50 points.
And a Wild Draw Color is worth 60 points.


  1. Like who understood everything except Wild Draw Colour

  2. I love playing this game with my friends at school. It's hilarious when they have to keep picking up until they have the color that is choosen

  3. i actually have uno flip and i already know how to play it i just wanted to see you explain it

  4. Whenever your turn is skipped you must yell skip bo.

  5. my last two braincells are working very hard to understand the draw colour picker card

  6. I had multiple strokes reading the rules in the actual game so thank you so much! This was much easier to follow.

  7. I suck at uno but somehow i managed to block my friend 2 times in a row 💀

  8. How many uno version out there LIKE SO MANY I WANT TO GET ALL OF THEM

  9. Do the points matter or can u just play until someone runs out of cards

  10. Played this with my family at xmas and my god it's brutal, we had so many laughs!!! My nephew ended up drawing 30!!! And then he had to draw a teal card… Which was like 12 more cards

  11. This is one of my favorite UNO spin-off games.

  12. My friends do the opposite for the start of the game lol we love the dark side

  13. Dude we were playing the wild draw color card wrong this whole time?? THXS BTW

  14. I’m confused from 1:37 to 1:56… can someone please explain that whole part for me?

  15. Quick question: If you flip towards a different side of the deck and you see an action card (such as +2 or +5), do you simply ignore the action card? Also, if someone receives a wild draw color, does that person stop pick up cards if they get a wild card, or do they keep going until they get the correct card?

  16. Ah yes after several generations playing uno for decades it's time for… Uno Masters Edition!!

  17. It's amazing how one of the famous card games has undergone many evolutions with new cards and new rules (to be clear, the rules of the game change depending on the new expansion of the deck that comes out in stores and with the addition of new cards), still be successful. I still have the classic deck, but I would like to have the other expansions.

  18. When you tell a card to do a flip

  19. Everyone tell me which is the most fvrt game u play with ur family?

  20. yesterday i finally found out that the Ubisoft version also does NOT accept a Wild card draw for anyone who is under the Wild Draw Colour penalty

  21. Light side – normal
    Dark side – No Mercy

  22. I need a tutorial for the tutorial 😭

  23. That’s fun and easy light and dark side how is there Star Wars theme deck yet there is for

  24. 1:22 why it called this instead of just “extra turn”

  25. OMMMMMGGG I literally was playing this wrong 😂😂 THANK YOUUUU 😂

  26. Why do they have to call it a skip everyone card? Can't they just call it a repeat card or an extra turn card

  27. Can you play a flip card over another flip card to cancel the flip?

  28. My brain cells are not brain celling right now

  29. Hey please answer:
    What if we play all skip as a last card

  30. Normal side
    Black spades,Red hearts,Blue clubs,Gold diams
    Neon side
    Yellow spades,Cyan hearts,Orange clubs,Violet diams

  31. Normal wild:draw 4 cards
    Neon wild:draw 12 cards

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