How to play Up and Down the Creek (Card Game) -

How to play Up and Down the Creek (Card Game)

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Learn the rules to the card game Up and Down the Creek (also called “Oh Hell”) quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. This is a free playing card game good for 4-7 players.

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The object of the game is to have the most points after 13 hands. You get 10 points if you make your bid and 1 point for every trick you take. Deal 1 card to each player. Flip over the top card of the deck to determine trump for the hand. Using your hands, each player simultaneously shows how many tricks they intend to take this turn.

During a hand, the player left of the dealer goes first and play proceeds clockwise with each player playing 1 card from their hand. You must follow suit. If you don’t have the suit lead then you may play any other card from your hand. To take a trick, you must have played the highest card on the table of the suit lead or the highest trump on the table. Tricks taken are placed face down next to you. The winner of each trick leads the next. The hand ends once all the cards in player’s hands have been played.

After a hand, add up scores based on how many people made their bid and how many tricks they took. The dealer rotates clockwise by one. Shuffle the cards and this time deal 2 cards to each player. Each hand ascends in card count up to 7 cards then descends back down to 1 card. Each hand reveal a new trump and players bid their tricks. In a 4 player game, the card count ascends all the way to 13 then the game ends, the last hand of 13 cards has no trump.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.


  1. We play with a few variations: -During bidding the person who is leading bids first and then everyone takes turns bidding to the left, dealer bids last – Each trick you win is worth 2 points instead of 1- this makes it much more worth it to bid higher each turn-You have the option to split your bet, to get 5 points instead of 10. For example: if your torn between betting 2 or 3, you can either bid one of those, and get 10 points plus however many hands you win, or you can bid on both (2 or 3), and get 5 points plus however many hands you win.

  2. We play a variation where if you don't make your bet, you get 5 points subtracted for each bet you missed. It makes the betting more strategic and cautious. This is a great video explaining this game. This card game is very fun! Many ages can enjoy it.

  3. I play a version where the person left to the dealer bids first and then you continue on clockwise. This is fun because you can use what other people bid to help make a good bid.

  4. Im sorry but this made no sense. What’s a trick what’s a trump..

  5. playing Yahtzee gets very frustrating because it'll just keep kicking you off right in the middle of a game

  6. You say that the highest card of the suit led or the highest trump card wins the trick. But what if they are equal? Does the trump card win? Your videos are excellent!

  7. you did not even tell us in scoring if you dont make your bid what do you get

  8. keerC eht nwod dna pU

  9. There's a decent variant where people make their bids one by one (starting with the dealer and going clockwise). However the final person can't say a number that makes the sum of bids equal the number of cards (e.g. in a 4 player game if there's 5 cards and the bids are 2, 0, 1 then the last player can't bid 2). Adds a bit of strategy because you can consider what other people have said when making your bid.

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