How to Play War *Card Game* -

How to Play War *Card Game*

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Learn how to play the classic #cards game!


  1. Is A the biggest or is K bigger in this game ?

  2. Blessings in an abundance of the faith. I salute you. 😘🙏Grace and peace be unto you and to this place. Thank you. God bless you. Will you believe and receive Jesus Christ as your LORD and personal saviour??? I do. 😊

  3. Achter sind wichtig. (Eights are important.)Thats what I used to say playing this game. We only played from 7 to ace, so 8 was the second lowest card. So winning with an 8 made you not waste a good card against a seven, while loosing an 8 does not hurt and takes out a better enemy card for a while Hence the conclusion that they are important.Of course this is rather nonsense in a game of chance and more of a joke.Crazy how we stopped playing this game years ago, but some quotes just stay. Good times 🙂

  4. finally something to play with my lil bro

  5. I can't believe I've been playing war wrong my whole life

  6. “Whoever has the biggest card wins”Sir… all the cards are the same size.🗿

  7. You can use jokers, that would make it the highest ranked card

  8. We do 3 down cards during war. Up the stakes!

  9. This sounds like a simple version of ko wist and I like it😊

  10. so just… rock paper scissors but more tedious? when do the players get a choice to do anything here

  11. Great explanation! I usually don’t understand card games because of the explanations but this was easy to understand 🙏

  12. What if one of the players does not have enough cards to do war. Ex: someone had 2 cards left, they put down one of their cards and are now in war but only have one card left. What now?

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