How to play Whot: Card Games -

How to play Whot: Card Games

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It’s a card game very much like “Crazy 8s” or “Uno”, but with its own charm, and it’s whot we’re going to cover this episode!

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  1. Nice. FunBox: Play Naija WHOT Card Game + Live Video Chat With Friends (Online, Multiplayer) – Available for Android & Apple IOS

  2. In the Nigerian version if memory serves, the four most aggravating words from a smug opponent were "last card, check up!" or something to that effect. It was decades ago

  3. the diversity of this game is insane, im nigerian but i was still taught a slightly different game than what you showed lol

  4. you got this right! another rule is that you cant win with an action card( 2 5 8 14 20 8⭐)

  5. you can also knock to get your cards back

  6. i never one of the rules and that is 8 star i need to tell my friends

  7. Wow 👏 amazing! Especially explaining the Nigeria 🇳🇬 way of playing and the language used. I am trying to refresh my memory and teach my kids.🥰❤

  8. when you put the WHOT card down, does the person who does so then physically put down the card with the chosen shape or does he or she verbally dictate what the next person must put down? thanks

  9. Thank you for the video now me and my brother know how to play whot.

  10. when I started this video I was so confused so really glad to see the Nigerian rules added at the end. Thanks!

  11. Can You Please Make a video on Dos the sequel to Uno a lot of people still don't know how to plant and it is a very fun game also can you please make a video on from strategy of this game I just got this game from Amazon video showing in the video also where do you get you're copying of whot I got mine from England thank you please reply if you can

  12. you made a few mistakes. I know cuz i'm Nigerian. the Whot! we play is drastically different than what you described. It's more exciting, tense and brutal than the british one. Your attacking the person after you and defending against the person before you, while trying to make sure everyone else suffers. The way we play it nowadays is that:

    > we deal out 5 or more cards. (this rule is very fluid. depending on how many people are playing, it can be negotiated)

    > the star 8 is not a special suspension. just a regular one.

    > Star cards aren't special.

    > You can stack cards by number and NOT by suite. for example, say the card on the table is a (5star) , If you have a (2star) and a (2circle) and (2square), you can change the suite by playing all three cards at once, but the (2star) HAS to be placed first so it's touching the (5star) It's a strategic move and a good way to get rid of your cards. This makes the next few rules make sense.

    > If you have more than one (2) card, you can stack them up, so it's possible to make the next player pick 4 to 8 cards. pretty brutal & fun. this way its possible to change suits to benefit yourself while attacking at the same time. also applies to (5){pick 3} cards and general markets.

    > also after playing general market, the player who played it goes next NOT the next player. it's like making everyone pick one in order.

    > there's also a variant of Nigerian Whot! where If someone makes you pick 2, you can cancel it out, and the next player goes. If you are made to pick 2 and you have two 2's, you can cancel out the 2 you were made to pick and make the next player pick 2 ALL in one turn. It's a great way to defend and attack at the same time. (applies to (5){pick 3} cards aswell) (this is decided before the game starts, whether or not we play defensively or offensively).

    > The stacking rule applies to suspensions too, so you can suspend more than one player, (if the number of players is low enough, you can suspend yourself by accident lol). suspensions cannot be blocked.

    > **The 20 card is special: If you use it, you tell the next player what suite to play, they have to play that suite or pick a card and skip their turn OR use a 20 card to ask the next player what suite to play. this way theres a way to defend against this card. You can end the match with a 20 card.

    > A player can put ANY type of suite on an ace card. So they say "hold on" and they can play any card. ace cards can also be stacked.

    ** you cannot end the match with a hold on.

    > we don't say "semi-last card" we say "warning card" for 2, "last card" for 1, and "check up" after placing your last card down. Not saying these words has a penalty of picking 2 cards. (if your last 3 cards can be played consecutively due to the stacking rule or "hold on"s, you have to say "warning card, last card, check up" in that order)

    > The other players have to notice that you didn't say ^^those^^ phrases before the next player plays their hand. When someone notices that you didn't say those words, THEY have to say "pick two for your mistake". otherwise there is no penalty.

    > "pick 2 for your mistake" has a few rules too. it can be called for ANY mistake, like playing when it's not your turn, playing an illegal card, not saying ^^those^^ words, or if a player changes their mind about the card they just put down. if the mistake was a card a player put down (wrong or changed mind), the caller has to knock on the surface you are playing on. if the knock comes before the player touches their card to replace it, then P2FYM can be called. if the player touches their card before the knock, they get to change it. So timing is important because if the caller says P2FYM and nobody has made a mistake, the caller has to pick 2. The knock is also a strategic tool, it LOCKS the cards in place so if you play when it's not your turn and someone knocks, they can say P2FYM and then you have to pick 2 and let the player who's turn you took play next and the turn skips you. once a card is played, and someone knocks, any violation of the card for mistakes or errors carries the possibility of a penalty. IF you're caught ;–)

    ^^^this is really hard to explain, it's easier in practice.

    > **Also we don't count the numbers on the cards after a person "wins" the game, we keep playing until there's only one loser. we don't deal new cards, what you have is what you keep playing with. We reshuffle the cards placed in the middle when nobody can pick a card from the deck or when a player wins.

    anyways, that's how I was taught to play it. but Nigeria is a huge place. A lot of these rules are regional. I played it a few months ago with friends. I got my ass kicked. I was out of practice though. still am I guess. It's very possible in Nigerian Whot! to get lucky enough to where you can get rid of all your cards in one turn. this happens a lot. The most fun thing to do is to stack pick cards and just obliterate the player ahead of you. It's what makes the game so fun. defending, changing suites to screw with everyone, destroying other players with picks. or the late game dilemma of getting rid of your last 2 cards when you don't have the correct suites.


  13. Thanks for explaining the Nigerian part, trying to teach my kids.

  14. There are so many ways to play WHOT tho of which this is one.

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