How to setup Clue Card Game -

How to setup Clue Card Game

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Learn how to setup the Clue Card Game quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. Check out this video for the game play rules:

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Setup. Remove all the cards marked with a +, these are only used for advanced players. Take out all the Character Profile cards and each player picks one. Sort out all the Case file cards, indicated by either a hat, magnifying glass, fingerprint, or camera symbol, into four piles based on which symbol they have. Give each player a stack of matching symbol case file cards containing 6 suspects, 3 weapons, and 3 locations. Put any remaining piles back in the box.

Separate the evidence cards into 3 face down piles: Suspects weapons, and locations. Shuffle each pile and remove 1 card from each, keeping it hidden from all players, and place them together in a new face down pile in the middle of the table. Place “The Crime” card on top of this pile. No one may look at these cards until they make an accusation.

Shuffle all the remaining evidence cards together then evenly deal them all out face down to the players. If there is an odd amount, any extra cards are placed face up in the middle of the table. Players look at their evidence and case cards but keep them hidden from other players.

Place any case file cards that match your evidence cards face down on the table. This is your cleared pile, a place where eliminated case cards go.


  1. tnx. the czech translation of the manual (or however you call it in the us) makes 0 sance so i needed to search how to set it up. again thank you for this video

  2. In essence, it's up to 4 players due to the symbols and not 5 or 6.The rules in the set up are clear.

  3. Thanks for concisely explaining the setup of this card game variant of the classic deduction board game Jim. 🃏

  4. Thank you ,you helped me and my mum play😁👍🏻

  5. Great job by quickly explaining the set up of this variant card game that it's based on the classic deduction board game Jim. 🃏

  6. Am I the first to see this when there aren't any views and only one like?

  7. I legitimately need to have you write some of my Rules for my games I’m designing the way you speak and your demeanor is so good and so concise I think you’d be fantastic at designing rules for games

  8. I kinda understand why they reduced this version to only 3 Weapons and Rooms — the number of Case File Cards plus the Evidence Cards are a bit unwieldy to hold in your hand.
    I do hope they'd ditch the Case File Cards and came up with Notepad Cards for each player with flaps per row/column cell that work like markers/ticks — or maybe the traditional Clue notepad will do.
    This way, we could have a complete set of weapons and rooms.

  9. what does based on each symbol they have at the first part huh?

  10. I don’t have the card, my friend do. She gave me a job to find out how to play and teach everyone. sigh

  11. Is there a video game play? Because this still doesn’t make much since to me. The Monopoly card game is easy and so fun. This seems more complicated. Can you please make a video game play???

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