How To Shuffle Cards -

How To Shuffle Cards

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Hope you all enjoyed the short! This was a short tutorial on how to shuffle cards. A lot of people don’t know how to do a bridge shuffle or a riffle shuffle with playing cards, so I figured I’d reach everyone how to shuffle playing cards. This is an essential skill for magic tricks and if you want to do card magic or any card trick, then this is something you’ll need to learn. This is also the gateway to doing card shuffling tricks or any card magic trick in general. Hopefully you learned how to shuffle from this tutorial. If you want more magic videos and magic tutorials let me know! Do you want a full length video explaining how to shuffle cards in more detail? Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

Full Tutorial:
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  1. Thanks. Definitely harder with a brand new deck if anyone ia struggling

  2. Thanks a lot uncle ❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. Random people trying with normal cards

    Me trying with Pokémon cards lol

    (Btw this needs practice so don’t expect it to be in 1st try

    Your wonderful

  4. Omg he is so good I could never find a good tutorial I’m subscribing!!😝😁😁😁

  5. Can i try it by cricket players cards i have brought new shiny packes

  6. I don't get it Why do people have trouble with the new deck cards, In fact, the sound is better when released

  7. i actually subscribed and liked u cause got it my third time, soon as i saw this vid

  8. well now i know how to hold a deck of cards

  9. Thanks! but i still cant do it 🥲Probably bcuz the cards i have are new, or my hands are weak-

  10. this type of shuffle is best. not the others some people use. just know that. esp if you're playing poker.

  11. I suggest curling the index finger, that way it won't do much damage and it won't look like a "OOO, YIKES THAT HURT" movie scene 😅

  12. When i try to shuffle it, huge chunks of cards fall together so it's not really shuffled. How do I fix this?

  13. Super easy to learn ,yes
    But to do … no

  14. Instructions unclear, I'm still unable to shuffle my cards and now have a warrant for my arrest

  15. The deck fucking exploded now I don’t have cards anymore 🙁

  16. I would recommend curling the index instead of pressing down. This method is very uncomfrotable

  17. Bruh dont do this it bended my cards

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