How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games - [Fight Etiquette BT03] -

How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games – [Fight Etiquette BT03]

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Hey Vanguard Cardfighters!

As fellow card game players, all of us are bound to experience the horror of bricking — getting a bad hand and draws. Here are some ways to shuffle your deck in card games to minimize “bad luck” and the chances of bricking in your games!


  1. I literally had four heals all on the Field ( and hand) by g2…. And I used wave shuffle (riffle shuffle).

  2. Dont tell me not to hand shuffle if you're that bad at concentrating you deserve to lose

  3. Really appreciate this video, ordered a vanguard deck recently and have been playing for a while with borrowed decks, this will help a lot

  4. h.açaí frolic king rester kireikirei piro says:


  5. You didn't really show HOW to shuffle yo

  6. I usually use fake shuffling to win every single damn game

  7. This is helpful. I do the bottom to top in random amounts shuffle as I don’t want to risk my sleeves splitting

  8. I dont play vanguard, but I am impressed. He was about to say "heart of the card" LOL.

  9. xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG says:

    Just learn card control and control your top decks as you want and win every single f*cking game

  10. I laughed so hard when he said just shuffle 7 times. It’s just so fucking accurate 😂

    Hand starts with 2 Gift Markers, a brick and 2 Grade 3s

  12. 2:08… one guy tried this on me and it let me peek at his hand… I spotted a “Dragon Knight belog” and managed to bait it out, winning me the game.

  13. When you think your cards are talking but it just someone else, breaks your heart

  14. I stop habd shuffling thanks to this video thanks bushi

  15. So you can stack shuffle in official tournaments?! Thanks the gods

  16. Actually made by vanguard made me be like: Bruh they really did this?

  17. Pretty sure hand shuffling just increase your risk of damaging your cards

  18. Wow! We're overwhelmed by the love and support everyone has given us in this video!

    Soooooo…. Anyone gonna attempt a Tornado Not-Even-A-Shuffle shuffle in the upcoming BCS?

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