How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games - [Fight Etiquette BT03] -

How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games – [Fight Etiquette BT03]

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Hey Vanguard Cardfighters!

As fellow card game players, all of us are bound to experience the horror of bricking — getting a bad hand and draws. Here are some ways to shuffle your deck in card games to minimize “bad luck” and the chances of bricking in your games!


  1. Wait I didnt know this was official. DAFRICK

  2. When that dude heard some whisperes and thought himself it came from the cards and skipped a scene is so funny whahahah…(R.I.P. anime logic wish its real OmO )

  3. スーツ姿の人、ユーチューバーのはすきぃにそっくり笑笑

  4. Im going to extremely over shuffle my hands now like this guy

  5. This is why Card games are interesting weebies

  6. Even though I play Magic instead of Vanguard, I still find this hilarious and on point.

  7. Stop hand shuffling and make the world a better place.
    Bushi lowkey banning stuff

  8. Bro I play yugioh but this is still funny, entertaining, and useful

  9. Great tips on how to shuffle and a fun skit!

  10. This is incredible. Watch me do the Tornado Shuffle (not even a shuffle) next time I play a card match with anyone.

  11. I literally had four heals all on the Field ( and hand) by g2…. And I used wave shuffle (riffle shuffle).

  12. Dont tell me not to hand shuffle if you're that bad at concentrating you deserve to lose

  13. Really appreciate this video, ordered a vanguard deck recently and have been playing for a while with borrowed decks, this will help a lot

  14. h.açaí frolic king rester kireikirei piro says:


  15. You didn't really show HOW to shuffle yo

  16. I usually use fake shuffling to win every single damn game

  17. This is helpful. I do the bottom to top in random amounts shuffle as I don’t want to risk my sleeves splitting

  18. I dont play vanguard, but I am impressed. He was about to say "heart of the card" LOL.

  19. xItsCuzILikeTurtles440815KillerPVPProLPHDXD lolGHG says:

    Just learn card control and control your top decks as you want and win every single f*cking game

  20. I laughed so hard when he said just shuffle 7 times. It’s just so fucking accurate 😂

    Hand starts with 2 Gift Markers, a brick and 2 Grade 3s

  22. 2:08… one guy tried this on me and it let me peek at his hand… I spotted a “Dragon Knight belog” and managed to bait it out, winning me the game.

  23. When you think your cards are talking but it just someone else, breaks your heart

  24. I stop habd shuffling thanks to this video thanks bushi

  25. So you can stack shuffle in official tournaments?! Thanks the gods

  26. Actually made by vanguard made me be like: Bruh they really did this?

  27. Pretty sure hand shuffling just increase your risk of damaging your cards

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