How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games - [Fight Etiquette BT03] -

How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games – [Fight Etiquette BT03]

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Hey Vanguard Cardfighters!

As fellow card game players, all of us are bound to experience the horror of bricking — getting a bad hand and draws. Here are some ways to shuffle your deck in card games to minimize “bad luck” and the chances of bricking in your games!


  1. Scrubs I am a master shuffler I invented the waterfall

  2. The hand shuffle at higher tournaments is like so hyper

  3. I tried to do the hand shuffling since when I started Vanguard a many years ago.

    I regret it

    Took me a while to stop doing that.

  4. Who here add sound effects in riding, call, and drive checks with their cards😂

  5. Is this entire video a Demon Slayer reference!?

  6. Screw the anime uploads, this here is quality content people!

    Have a half of the deck on the right and the other half on the left, you will then proceed to swipe both of them into the middle direction.

  8. Maybe I should do a video on how I shuffle at some point, since everyone always tells me I shuffle in a really unique way but everyone agrees it's effective at randomizing the deck.

  9. Bushiroad actually hates people who shuffle their hands like they have a disabled fidget.

  10. And if you are playing transformers, I highly recommend shuffling at your loudest against a cliffjumper (commonly known as autobot cars in the meta) deck.

  11. this is actually the most hilariously self aware video I've ever seen.

  12. Start pushing for the game to be at stores like Target and Walmart! Advertise the game in the USA! I want friends to play with in real life but no one knows the game exists!

  13. Next guide: How to cut your opponents deck 😎

  14. Hey I am from India
    I want to get the vanguard table in which you are playing from where I can get it do you have any idea plz help

  15. its funny that they actually recommend 7 riffle shuffles. some friends and myself were doing some research before going to regionals near the end of G era and stumbled on some scientific shuffling methods and it turns out that if your deck is sorted, pile shuffling it into 7 piles and then riffle shuffling 7 times gives the best chance for "randomization" and the removal of clumps from your deck. Took that knowledge to regionals, made day 2 playing overlord and ended up 20th place. After every round i completely sorted my deck so i could then pile shuffle it and then riffle 7 times before each game, never opened an unplayable hand and didnt missride during either day of competition.

  16. "Bricking, we've all been there. Sometimes, it's because of a deck build, and other times, it's because Bushiroad refuses to consider consistency when designing cards."

  17. One thing i know for sure everybody have done the hand shuffle especially when they do a really long skill

  18. Nobody:

    Me:Hand shuffling bcoz afraid of that double crit

  19. What about the morikawa ultimate shuffling technique? Or the ninja technique super shuffle of a thousand blazing cards ?

  20. I do quick bottom to top then slice and then pile

  21. I want Wslasher to react to this and do the not even a shuffle.🤣🤣

  22. This is the quality content we don’t deserve but need

  23. Well, thanks for teaching me how to shuffle properly Bushi!

    Also, I love how much memes we're drawing of this video, hope to see more. Also, I love how they address even Hand Shuffles… time to shout out shuffle names now.

    Another sidenote: When the brick is real…

  24. Yeah I kinda miss making VG memes too.

  25. di ko na alam ang gagawin ko sa aking deck

  26. When is the release date of vanguard zero

  27. Lol He was about to say heart of the cards, remember what you're playing Vanguard bro

  28. Waiting for the day i can put my deck into duel disk and it shuffle automatically.

  29. for some reason i love the card slapping sound…. it is super satisfying

  30. Sometimes you have a game with 16 cards that could brick you in your opening hand because that's the game

  31. The fact that this is the oficial CFV channel makes this awesome video waaaay better! XD!!!

  32. Reminder on the floor rule 3.9.9 "Making too much noise when hand shuffling, and

    excessive hand shuffling, may be considered by the

    opponent to be intimidating behavior, and may be a

    nuisance to the surrounding fighters"

  33. I truly despise excessive hand shuffling…just stop plz

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