How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games - [Fight Etiquette BT03] -

How to Shuffle Your Deck in Card Games – [Fight Etiquette BT03]

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Hey Vanguard Cardfighters!

As fellow card game players, all of us are bound to experience the horror of bricking — getting a bad hand and draws. Here are some ways to shuffle your deck in card games to minimize “bad luck” and the chances of bricking in your games!


  1. Wow! We're overwhelmed by the love and support everyone has given us in this video!Soooooo…. Anyone gonna attempt a Tornado Not-Even-A-Shuffle shuffle in the upcoming BCS?

  2. Been some years last time i played VG, getting tired where i need to upgrade my deck and follow the meta and not many of players at my environtment. Didn't even watch the anime anymore. I enjoyed vg so much tbh, and still have my old deck tho. It's just, getting stupid i guess.

  3. Good vid, I employ different shuffles depending on the situation. I weave shuffle sleeved cards, 'side hindu shuffle' for unsleeved cards (done with the long edge of the cards instead of the short edge), or mix up Pile Shuffle and either the weave or hindu shuffle whenever I shuffle either a brand new pack of cards (more common for board games and non-Trading Card Games) or if I need to break up clusters of cards while reshuffling a deck of cards midgame because it is called for (Almost all of the games I've played of Ticket to Ride required at least 1 deck reshuffle, as an example (Saw it on a shelf in the vid). At least the rulebook does call for a thorough shuffle)

  4. Ive been trying to get into the game for a while. Can anyone help me make a deck for under 40 bucks? I'd prefer shadow paladins, but anything would be fine

  5. “Stop hand shuffle and make this world a better place”. Couldn’t agree more with this line. Hand shuffle is the most immature thing to do in a cardfight in my opinion. It’s like a kid who’s trying to show off a really useless skill to the world. 😂😂😂

  6. This was beautiful. I really hope, this channel at least, does stuff like this more often and tries actually communicating with the Vanguard community. It'll help spread the game's popularity and hopefully give it the recognition it deserves.


    Proceeds to use butcher knife!!

  8. I’ll go with the ‘not even a shuffle’ method

  9. we need a machine that makes an automatic shuffle, I think remember UNO had one XD

  10. I’m going to try one of your techniques. Hope this trend of introducing player etiquette goes on

  11. i feel like this was all just a joke but then i saw the wave Shuffle and thought "is Bushiroad watching me shuffle my deck?"

  12. I have yet to get any of the new revamped decks but I'm looking forward to it.

  13. That blooper at the end made it like… 100 times better

  14. Heart of the cards LOL
    Also what is the problem if I mix at least 2 shuffling metods and a good build but still brick my hands?

  15. Can't wait to hear people at locals actually shouting out the hissatsu shuffle names now :')
    Jokes aside, thanks for the showcase! Should definitely be a big help to beginners as well

  16. XD WTF shuffle your deck , okay it good idea 😂😂

  17. Did Ryan Higa whrite this scripted


  19. MFW I realised that this is the vanguard's oficial Channel

  20. Blame konami with there shuffling methods they showed in yugioh anime. People got use to doing that.
    Power shuffle is king. Rift shuffle is secondary.
    And yeah. Hand shuffling is silly. Reguardless for people with identic memory that doesn't work. People with average memory recall it can. But the fact the game stand turn draw and cards with draw mechanics throughs off your assessment of what you opponent has in hand. Same with grand daddy of tcgs magic.

  21. I call mine the sloppy Joe. I throw the cards around and hope they land in a different order and also in a valid deck.

  22. Shuffling deck in fancy manner is like asserting dominance over the opponent.

  23. AHAHA Yes Shuffle well, and hope RA ends up on the bottom!

  24. If card slapping noises annoy people to me it’s satisfying

  25. Scrubs I am a master shuffler I invented the waterfall

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