How To Win Tic Tac Toe -

How To Win Tic Tac Toe

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Learn how to always win at tic tac toe. This analysis shows where you should go to win a game of tic tac toe.
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    How to win? Pls help

  2. So basically always go in the middle if the opponent is starting

  3. am i trippin or is the grid actually vibrating

  4. When you place yours in the corner and your opponent places his in the middle you CAN win when you place your next move in the opposite corner

  5. If they start in the middle, you have to put it in the angle or you loose😊

  6. I never loose. I always bring it to a tie but i count that as a win.

  7. I never loose. I always bring it to a tie but i count that as a win.

  8. I already do this and this is the first time I've seen anybody else do it?

  9. U can still win even if they played the mid

  10. I know a different strategy which I realized is almost the same except that with mine you go to the middle instead of a corner. It's still very similar. First is middle of course, second depends on what your opponent does and then you make a move that forces the opponent to block you which is what you want. Then you just do the rest and win. I won't explain it completely but there is instead ONE way to lose or make it a draw. If your opponent goes into a corner, then you have to go into the opposite corner. NOW if they go into any of the 2 remaining corners you're screwed but if it's any other place then you still win

  11. Top notch idea incoming: put middle first then put it into one of the corners

  12. I have studied this (idk why) if both players know what they are doing, it ends in tie. The only escape, is to either someone makes a dumb mistake, or you start on the side, not a corner, and don't use the middle for about 4-5 turns. Yes I've been doing tic tac toe with myself for 2 days straight.

  13. How to win tic tac toe
    1. Go to the mid

  14. You can actually win even if they put it in the middle but i wont tell

  15. How to win if u start first and they go mid
    1 in bottom left then they play mid then u play top right then they do anything then u go bottom right or top left then u win

  16. Didn’t need this vid, I played tic tac toe with my classmates on the black board and I always won

  17. Tic tac toe actually isnt that hard to win, and this guy explains it well. (I figured out a few of these things on my own while we had time to do missing work during class. I just ended up playing tic tac toe and hangman with my friend the entire time.)

  18. thank you for the spiritual guidance i got 16 points in our theo midterm presentation! Love from e2. 🙂 -meg

  19. So basically the center is an immediate win
    got it

  20. I recommend going for the middle because you get many ways of winning. Diagonally, horizontally, vertically youll still win(if your going first)

  21. Not true you can still win if they go on middle square

  22. Imagine this is the board:
    1 | 2 | 3
    4 | 5 | 6
    7 | 8 | 9

    You start X in 7.
    Your opponent places O in 5, you can still win.
    You place X in 3.
    If your opponent places O in either 1 or 9 (example: opponent places in 9) you can place X in 1 and make a double side attack and win. 🙂

  23. Nah I Use This
    Now Win

  24. How to win in tic tac toe :

    Step 1 : draw X or O in the in the paper but bigger like a nuke if u done.

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