How well do you know Yugioh rarities? -

How well do you know Yugioh rarities?

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  1. That’s crazy I never knew there where so many

  2. Hey one of my favorite cards, Black Rose dragon is ultimate rare, nice.

  3. Hey I just pulled a Live Twin Lil-La starlight rare 1st edition. How much $ is that?

  4. Wrong secrets have gold or silver name based on lighting

  5. 3 different gold rares also some cards have no holographic picture but different color names like black and gold . And now they have collector rares and there’s a bunch of weird stuff in the OCG

  6. I learned today that there are more than common rare super rare ultra rare secret rare… oh. And ghost rare. I heard a YuGiTuber say that.

  7. I have hol end duplicets of exzodya i hav it hol

  8. And this is why ill never collect yugioh ( and the game play is trash lol mtg for life)

  9. Are we cou ting gloss and matte cards as different rarities?

  10. So I just got 5 ultra rares in a normal pack I think a starter pack

  11. So… is there a rule that your card must be above a level of rarity if you wish to compete with it?

  12. I feel like everyone in this comment section blatantly ignored the "part 2" line 😂

  13. What's crazy is it took this video to remind me of my 7 mint condition ultra rares just lying around my room.

  14. My favorite foil personally is mosaic rare, sadly you dont see it that often.

  15. I regret so much selling my Yugioh cards when I was a dumb teenager 😭

  16. fun fact: I have the strongest Yu- gi- oh card

  17. I have exodia but is other type yu gi oh card

  18. enough with the gloves…. we'll be seeing idiots opening cards looking like they're using a sand blaster 🦥💨

  19. Do collector rares count as a class of their own? I was able to pull one out of a joker's pack

  20. What about the cards with the gold Embroidery on the edges? It was from a certain pack I forgot what it’s called

  21. Need part 2 as theirs some rarity’s you missed

  22. Yeah and then double the price from one type to another fking stores😒

  23. I remember when i had a ghost rare stardust dragon in mint condition, and my little shithead of a cousin comes along, swiper no swiped it off the table and absolutely demolishes it because i wouldnt give it to him. Eat bricks junior

  24. What about the different colored (RGB) foil names?

  25. I have this one card that holds a special bond with me as I always brag it to my friends because it has all 1k attack and defense.. i called it exodus because the card name is exodia.. idk if i still have it in my album lol

  26. Ghost rares are so expensive for whatever reason

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