How well does Pokémon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color Hold Up? - Tama Hero -

How well does Pokémon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color Hold Up? – Tama Hero

Tama Hero
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The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a huge part of the Pokémon franchise, and takes up a lot of our collective memory with how nostalgic it is. But Tama’s main experience with it is actually on the GameBoy Color rather than with the Pokemon trading cards themselves. Today she takes a dive into the topic and shares her experience with it, as well as comparing the game to the popularity of Yugioh and dishing out some little known Pokemon trivia.

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  1. while I am mostly ok with RNG, it seems that the RNG of the pokemon trading card game for the gameboy color was absolute garbage. Im 29 and just recent bought the nintendo e-shop version to replay despite having my original cart too. And while as an adult I am much better at deck building than i was as a kid, the kinds of cards you have access to due to them being the earliest sets means that a lot of attacks rely on RNG and while you could've built a great deck you can just not get the RNG you need.

  2. Strongly disagree with the luck based aspect you mentioned. As a competitive Pokémon player since 99 I found this game is a cakewalk with a mildly competitive deck. Having the know how to build a deck with synergy and knowledge of the advanced game mechanics/strategies eliminates most of the bad luck as you can play around it, counter, stall, etc. If you’re just a casual player with little to no knowledge of the Pokémon competitive TCG then yes, it will be more luck based as you will not understand how to maneuver around coin flip’s or bad draws.

  3. Its so painful to see the price going up on those cards… I like them… But it is so hard to fork out the cash on a bunch of paper and ink…

  4. This is such a comprehensive video, and I love the digitized card art. Might try to find a copy of this game. Also the point on larger collections losing a personal flair is such a good point. I love seeing collections that are smaller just to see what’s there.

  5. Yeah, Yugioh is just a better game overall but Pokemon holds better tournaments and prize and best of all there are more female pokemon players than Yugioh players, and it seems like Pokemon players are more normal than Yugioh players too which is pretty sad. I quit playing Yugioh about two years ago and I'm never going back. Yugioh collecting can be cool but doesn't hold up like with Pokemon, and while I collected rare cards, there was a point where I realized… Nobody really gives a damn, I was just spending money on stuff like Starlight Rares and 1st ed Ultis literally to impress a single fan base that really wasn't all that impressed. In Yugioh people are more impressed by how many tops one gets, so it's more of a competitive thing in that community where I've noticed with Pokemon it's more about the collecting. I'd reccomend for anybody to stay the hell away from the game of Yugioh, it's fun and addicting but more toxic than anything else, the community can be mean and it takes away from your real life, some people I've seen actually lose relationships over the game. It's not frkn worth it.

  6. Oh brother the music hits so hard in this game.

  7. Love the game and the video! Will you ever do a video on "Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR! "?

  8. To be fair, the TCG game boy Color game was my first Pokémon game period.

    I still have it though.

  9. I don't think saying that "there are good cards and bad cards" objectively is something uniquely a problem for the TCG. In regular Pokemon, there are good Pokemon, and bad Pokemon, and the gap is arguable way wider than between these cards. It's just that you can play in a way that still works with worse Pokemon. The TCG makes it more obvious when something is bad because you can't customize cards in any way like you can Pokemon.

  10. I started when this came out. What me and my friends that played liked about it was the chance of the outcome and collecting the Pokémon and putting them in our own binders in PokéDex numerical order which I still do since when the TCG was released…but I don't play the card game anymore because I really don't have time to as an adult and a lot has changed in the rules since I took a break from playing it but I still enjoy collecting

  11. Just as a fun fact, that game shown at 8:25 is actually based on (or reskinned from?) another gameboy game called Cyraid

  12. There's a lot of strategy to the Pokemon TCG GB game. I dont think Ive ever had a bad experience with the coin flips. Its learning how to work with and/or around it, and I think thats where the game shines (both in real life and digitally). And I think thats also why a lot of people don't like D&D, they have to let the dice decide and then look up all these tables to see what is available to help.

  13. Half of this video isn’t even about the actual video game🙄

  14. Fun fact: In Pokemon GBC 2, there was a primape card that did near double damage when confused, and the Computer has Imakuni! In his deck to cause that on purpose.

  15. The Pokemon TCG is the least luck based tcg there is. Every single card with coin flips get literally 0 use, and in the OG format, searching and drawing blows every other tcg out of the water. I've built decks around drawing and playing nearly all 60 cards in turn one.

  16. You should review the sequel. It was recently translated to English.

  17. I literally just realized that the battle theme is the same music that Jwitz used for his actual PTCGO games during gen 5

  18. There's something extremely amusing about a video game about a real life card game that was created from another video game. First Red and Green were released in February 1996 in Japan and the first batch of cards were released later that year, the anime wouldn't begin until the next year. So they made a video game, then they made a card game based on it, and then they made a video game based on this card game.

  19. I remember this game, I was 9 when it came out. I had my mom rent it for me since I loved collecting the cards. I remember playing it for a while and thinking it was so cool that they had the same images in-game as the cards did in real life. Then all that quickly wore off and I thought "Wait, I don't know how to play the card game. Why did I even rent this?" and had her take it back for me to rent something else lol.

  20. Congrats on being the first person in the world to list “it’s not pay-to-win” as a negative.

  21. Exeggutor scyther grass deck was so good in this game

  22. I recently got it on the VC, since adding funds to the 3DS store was going away. I had fun playing it. I realize that decks brick so easily in the game. I try to max out Professor Oak just to make an opening hand playable. It also feels like the game punishes you for using an evolution line of 3. Most games are over quickly if you can any of these on the field early: Ninetails, Dewgong, Gyrados, Kadabra, and Rhydon. It would be great if they remade it in a modern iteration of the game.

  23. I would love a Pokémon yugioh cross over where yugi plays the Pokémon card game and ash and the gang play the yugioh card game.

  24. "You play this once and you'll be humming the battle theme for the rest of your life"

    This music piece alone keeps me coming back to the game every now and then. And there's some charm to the simplest gameplay from the beginnings of the TCG that you can't find in the modern formats. I love building a Venusaur deck on this game.

  25. pokemon tcg aged like wine, getting boosters in the game was brilliant and the gameplay ai did cheat but it was also challenging and not too easy which is good.

  26. your fingers looks like mewtwo's fingers D:

  27. So then the Suzukisan CD I picked up in a game & comic imports shop is equivalent to an SMTV Live album that’s just all Ant and Dec’s Pokéraps

  28. I remember building all kinds of weird decks in this game, even if they weren't optimal. I had an eeveelution deck that I would use all the time.
    My stance was "I'm gonna beat your sorry ass with a crappy deck because otherwise it wouldn't be fair."

  29. i remember this game i enjoyed it, and idc what anyone says to me the cards will always be priceless.

  30. putting in the generic battle music was cruel.

  31. It's low-key one of the best video games of all time.

  32. yu gi oh "it was a lot less messy and required a lot less extra steps." boy did that age well. theres a reason why i don't play yugioh anymore.

  33. "The pokemon trading card game is extremely luck based."

    Yes…but…the AI is terrible? I don't think I've ever lost a match in the gbc game.

  34. Who's here after the Nintendo Switch GB Online announcement.

  35. Wonder if there are meta decks in the Pokémon tcg compared to the Yugioh tcg/ocg where you won’t get a single turn in because your opponent locked your entire your field or board wiped everything to where you can’t play the game and discarded your entire hand.

  36. Alternate title,

    Tama flexing her Pokémon collection lmao

    Great video as per usual

  37. Playing this game on Switch Online is so great since you can cancel out the RNG and just reset the duel till you get good hand of cards.

  38. In Puerto Rico it was Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG the teo big card games. I think Yu-Gi-Oh came a bit after that, I never got into that one. My first Gameboy game was Pokemon Yellow.

  39. As kids back in the day we would straight up throw holographics as hard as possible, destroying the cards but who ever threw it the farthest won the duel 😂😂

  40. Believe it or not, this was actually the first Game Boy game I ever purchased.

  41. If you're here from Jack's video, welcome! This video is my most recent, but last week I uploaded a video that explains the entire history of my channel so if you are curious about what ancient YouTube was like, check it out!

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