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Hoyle Card Games 2003: Poker and Skat

Brody Iverson
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Maybe I should play poker in real life…

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  1. This unlocked a memory I didn’t even know existed. Unreal.

  2. This may come a bit late but better late than never. You realy could've spend 10 minutes of googling and looking up the rules of Skat on Wikipedia and pagat . com. It's a fun and interesting game.

  3. Marvin must be ur favorite person in this game.. either him or Harley.

  4. I was always the alien as a kid Xd and the bear and the T. rex were funny as hell lmao

  5. I remember winning a game of Skat in a highly unusual way. I did something in Hoyle Card Games 2004-2005 that caused me to get the achievement: "Nice shot" and I won a huge prize for it. I remember the game played an audience clapping sound when I pulled it off. Funny thing was, I didn't know what the heck I was doing lol. I did something during a Schieberamsch round I believe where I shot the moon.

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