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Hoyle Card Games: Main Theme (2001-2005)

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This is the Main Theme from “Hoyle Card Games” used from 2001-2005.

This collection of Card Games includes:
1. Canasta
2. Euchre
3. Pinochle
4. Cribbage
5. Spades
6. Hearts
7. Solitaire
8. Gin Rummy/Oklahoma Gin
9. Old Maid
10. War

(among others)

Hoyle Characters include:
1. Elayne
2. Marvin
3. Harley
4. Roswell
5. Jasper

Old Characters include:
1. Ethel
2. Bart
3. Maurice
4. Robin
5. Gax

New Characters include:
1. Rhett
2. Hedda
3. Tasha
4. Tony
5. Chloe


  1. The newest comment being three years ago really shows how fast time flies by..I remember the first time my granny let me play this on her computer. Been a long time since i was six years old.. i miss the good times

  2. You're welcome. BTW, I already have the Anticipation BGM.

  3. Oh, I don't remember; I had downloaded the 2004 Edition, but the characters wouldn't talk because I did not have the right features for them to do so.

  4. You're welcome.

    But although you DID mention that the Background Music wouldn't run, it would STILL require the Hoyle CD in the same way as the Character Speech.

  5. I miss this theme, wish the newer games used it. I'll just play it on loop next time I host a game night/ card night 🙂

  6. flashback to being 10 years old and playing this for seemingly hours on end

  7. OMG so many memories! My grandparents never updated their computer software therefore the game was never updated. I always played go fish and listened to the song until they got a new computer in 2016.

    Update — it’s now October 2021 and I miss my grandparents so much. At the time when I posted this comment it 2019. My grandpa passed away from a stroke in May 2017 at 82 which was 2 years prior from 2019, but my Grandma was still around. My Grandma unfortunately passed away from cancer in July 2020 at 85. I miss them so much, this past year we’ve been going through their estate. Their house now has been officially sold 💔

  8. I know where i got my love for vaporwave

  9. this theme sounds like from tomb raider.

  10. i just got my moms old laptop, i noticed the game was on her desktop so i played it. haven't heard this theme in years. i'm crying.

  11. Heh, My copy would only loop the first 2 seconds. I always suspected there was a full song, but I never heard it before.

  12. This is the soundtrack of going to grandma's house and playing on her computer. Warm cozy memories.

  13. Finally found this memory. Will never forget my grandma teaching me how to play Spades on here

  14. my god i just got hit with a nostalgia brick

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