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  1. that reaction is so precious when you hit that chaosdramon 😂😂😂

  2. it is just sad that you cant play many multicolored decks like ragnalord, mastemon and xros hearts

  3. Im not sure what the misplay was during that one clip, could someone explain please?

  4. I have been playing BT6 Titamon for the last 3 weeks at my locals and I have gotten to Finals everytime playing against meta decks like Mastemon, BlackWarGreymon and cross heart, only lost to BWG because I hit a Hades force with my first titamon and Omnimon x antibody with my second one. The deck is sleeper deck for a format like this, although it would lose access to cards like analog youth and win rate: 60% cards like that could be easily replaced for like Meiko Mochizuki for consistency.

  5. welp guess my ragnalordmon deck isnt gonna be in ultimate cup

  6. Wait wait… these bans are only for this cup or locals and everything from now on? I mean.. my only deck is Jesmon lol

  7. Guess yellow d-reaper is outta here which means no way to clear Digimon that prevent d-reapers from attacking due to them not having levels.

  8. Why does bro make expressions with his mouth like that lmao

  9. So if i understand this rule does this mean that blitz omni isnt allowed in decks since its white?

  10. I will always play mono red Wargreymon. can't use Nokia in that format though but meh.

  11. i just wish it was easier to get into ultimate cups…..Ive never been able to play one bc you have to buy it the day it drops and within minutes

  12. What are your thoughts of the new shine graymon that's coming out of BT12 and BT13 and the new emperor Graymon

  13. As for the banned and limited cards, this only applies the Ultimate Cup and not locals and stuff, right?

  14. We try this format at my locals my lord it so fun to play Yellow hybrids and Machinedramon tied for first

  15. Really hoping we see Armor Rush make a comeback. I think it can go without Jesmon and still do what it needs to, but no Fire Rockets or Awakens can be tough. We'll see.

  16. Hate it when people put their sources side ways like bro I can't event read your cards

  17. Well-balanced?
    Please. Meta players will just go all out on the remaining playable meta decks like Bloomlord or Ulforce and will stomp most of the competition.

  18. I think its crazy people dont think black base nwgx isnt that good 7+ checks in 1 turn with jamming and ignores options is kinda crazy

  19. Here I was prepping and Practicing the new Mastemon build until this got dropped. Fortunately I have a subjectively better but less fun for me to play deck: BloomHydra :). Guess I will be repping green this tournament.

  20. So upset my merva Minerva loop got hit 🙁

  21. they should have made a exception for white cards since they are meant to fit in all decks in theory and not be there own deck color

  22. Beelstarmon loses Blue. I've been using this deck since I started playing the game and I must tell you, it's a big L for her.

  23. Do you know if I could play Beelzemon in the event if the products get out in 24 march and the event in my country is 25 march?

  24. t…they really just said mastemon isn't allowed 😢

  25. I like this new mulligan rule and I want it to be available to the main play format.

  26. Lol this actually happened to me at dxn provisions last night

  27. Doesn't seem balanced at all imo.

    Limiting to a single color doesn't magically create balance. It just shifts it around.

  28. I'm okay with the format, but we can't call this an ultimate cup, there is nothing ultimate about it. We should call this the starter deck cup or the cry babies cup. Then I'll be glad to participate, but when you eliminate every modern deck and everything they built towards then I just can't stand behind it. It's why I left yugioh I'm tired of companies banning cards because they don't know how to balance the game and just want a bigger checkbook. Ban they would honestly have more deck and wide options if they unban certain lvl 5 cards, like Jesmon, alphamon, and Xheart.

  29. Laziest shit I've ever seen. Massive L from bandai. Was wondering what happened when I saw that everyone was saying ultimate cups participation was gonna drop by a huge amount but this is a bit extreme

  30. I fucken hate this format, Sakuyamon got fucken yeetted out of existence.

  31. Sad that Mastemon won't be playable during this. I literally started a week or 2 ago and that was the deck I happened to pick up and spend money on. But then again, I wasn't really planning on doing anything majorly competitively since I literally just started lol

  32. Where can I go online to play digimon on webcam?

  33. Now my WereGarurumon deck is shit… time to throw it in the trash…

  34. This really feels like a one-off custom format a locals would try. I wasn't gonna play in it regardless (I'm an Ulforce, red hybrid, and Imperial player), but it is kind of unfair to invalidate Jesmon and Xros in an official format while limiting the capabilities of DNA.

  35. I was surprised how threatening my Grandis deck still is. Tested it at my locals and finished 3rd. Went up against Hexeblau, Bloomlord, Maste and Blue Flare, only lost to Bloomlord. I replaced the 3 promos with 3 of the ST9 GranKuwaga; the 4x Yokomon with 4x Gummymon; and the 4x Weedmon for 4x BT3 Stingmon. Obviously there were no OTK's, but still felt very punchy and controlling with piercing and all the suspending.

  36. I detest putting cards sideways and feels it hides vital information.

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