HUGE One Piece Update! Super Limited Cards, New Set, Full Decklists & More! (One Piece TCG News) -

HUGE One Piece Update! Super Limited Cards, New Set, Full Decklists & More! (One Piece TCG News)

Wossy Plays
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There is so much One Piece news to talk about today and it all looks awesome! Come see!

1st Promo Pack, Prices etc:
1st Purple Cards:
New Keyword Skill “Rush”:
How to Play:
Release Date, Prices & More:
Bandai is Taking One Piece Seriously:
One Piece Release Date, App & Qs:
One Piece Revealed:



  1. Wossi im sure you would love one piece, and i recommend to read or watch it sooner then later as the card game contains spoilers. i hope you'll be caught up by set 2, other that watched or read it will know why

  2. Second set is gonna be based on the paramount war aka the marineford battle. Not gonna spoil. One piece fans knows. So it's probably gonna be matine based set with important figure like sengoku, garp, and the admirals

  3. Crest battle is a marineford set prob navy focused

  4. I'm hoping they get scans out soon. Won the local ticket lottery at my game store so I'm getting to go to a prerelease! But it's here in Japan, and while I'm past beginner in Japanese, it's nowhere NEAR functional enough, nontheless to learn a card game in the moment, so the hopeful plan is to go and play having ALL the rules and cards memorized prior, so in essence, it's less of a teaching tour (as intended) and more just an excuse to buy the starter deck and get a hand on the cards early.

  5. Battle at marine ford for the second set!!!!!!!! NO WAY! So hyped

  6. Should get all the admirals and whitebeard crew

  7. I think Crest Battle is a bizarre translation of the arc the pack art is from, normally translated as either Paramount War or Summit War

  8. Can’t wait for the marineford ace 🤜 🌝

  9. They're already making alternate cards for some characters and there are over 900 named characters in One Piece I don't see them running out of new cards anytime soon lol.

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  12. Shadowverse Evolve TCG Fan Community says:

    The cavendish and alvida artwork are both great

  13. Never heard it called 'crest battle' but it's definitely a reference to the Battle of Marineford arc.

  14. Hi im from the netherlands. Is there any way to see if the game is coming this way aswell?

  15. I don't speak japanese, but judging by the translation does crocodile's card not return a card from the field to the deck? As in removal? I doesn't state that it brings the card back from the graveyard which is something other card games usually do…

  16. I'm looking forward to this, I've found a place nearby that is trying to get the super pre release.

  17. can't the crocodiles target the opponent's characters instead of your own? that seams like it would be a veeery strong aplication of those abilities..

  18. i'm a little disappointed from the one piece cards. Digimon got great artworks but the one piece cards are kinda lame.

  19. im okay with the manga art but the anime art… eh

  20. If there is going to be a gekko moria started deck or just thriller bark cards in general im so making that deck

  21. blue is not recovery, its control it puts opponents card on the bottom of deck or hand

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