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I Am The King of Card Games

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This is the greatest duel linking of All Time


  1. The only reason Charlie's having such a hard time is because he's not believing in the heart of the cards

  2. Anyone know what deck this is? Would like to give it a go but I'm new to duel links so idk what packs I need

  3. fucking loved when the vampire deck came into play, love the deck so much

  4. I fuckin legitimately very much enjoyed watching this

  5. It's time to d-d-d-d… d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d… A FATAL ERROR HAS OCCURRED!

  6. "And THAT's when I hit 'em with… hmm. What's this do?" xD

  7. It took me houres to make decks elementary and middle (primary and secondary) school because of all the words on every dam card

  8. Im starting to think that with Charlie's crazy confident energy. He could ghost write for Donald Trump

  9. By charlie's words this is the best pay to win game

  10. "my cards will not fail me!" why did he sound like gabriel angelos

  11. Duel Links in a nutshell:

    Wait seven minutes for the opposing player to link/fusion/special/bullshit summon three 4000 plus attack power monsters that cannot be destroyed on his first turn.

    Your turn.

  12. I love you you so much, and it brought me to tears to see one of my favorite YouTubers playing it

  13. 5:00 competitively speaking, that's a slow game. The person that wins yugioh is the person who wins the coin toss at the start of the match. And that's why I could never play yugioh. Especially not competitively. It sounds so boring. It's all about winning turn 1

  14. Haircut looking good in the thumbnail Charles.

  15. Boy I thought Seito Kaiba is gonna kill himself in that last round just like in the anime

  16. 10:15
    Yugi: "It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game."
    Cr1tikal: "Haa pussy. You fucking idiot!" wheezing "outplayeddd!"

  17. That last one there, confidence shattering xD.

  18. I remember when I played this game with the lunch table of nerdy friends back in primary school. And I never knew that it's actually getting shone on by the light once again.

  19. Charlie Moisto
    Master of the millenium fleshlight!

  20. Critical played during the six Sam format? Poor guy

  21. But can you beat my scuffed Yubel deck?

  22. Almost two years later, and I just realized the editor changed the Horn Imp's name and description.

  23. Charlie seems like the person that I'd personally enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh with.

  24. I like how he goes from this to an at least Legend Rank Ninja deck user.

  25. Imagine if Charlie saw Yumas transformation now

  26. Charlie: "God yugioh is such a braindead easy game" <- Yes

  27. I loved this game but I don’t understand the pen—— is?

  28. all of the one liners are making it hard to breathe

  29. Out of the countless times I’ve watched this video, I’ve never noticed that the “Horny imp” in the thumbnail has a monster description of “gaining life points by subbing to moistcr1tikal”

  30. this is still like one of my favorite videos on youtube period

  31. when the moist meter: master duel?

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