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I Am The King of Card Games

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This is the greatest duel linking of All Time


  1. I always downloaded this on my phones when ever I transfer the memory of the carcas of my old phone

  2. More like Seto Die-ba

  3. "What kind of biblical beat down i just fell victim to?" Hahaah

  4. That last duel looked like my set up. Vampires n stuff. I took too much time lol

    also Cr1tikal: fucking dies*

  6. Can i just say i find Charlies commentary on anything hilarious and entertaining 😂😂

  7. “All i do is beat women Christine”

  8. yeah, losing to time is actually a huge problem right now

  9. 5 cards field is challenging n fun.. duel link is fun as well but its 1 base turn per card n only 3 limited cards u can put down..

  10. you are a 1000 years late to play this game, you need seto kaiba resources to get at least a decent deck for pvp.

  11. Duel links is pretty nice which reminds me i need to get on it soon before my shit gets deleted…. thats alot of $ to flush

  12. I dont think ive ever read the cards i just memorized what they did lol

  13. apologize😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I love using the vampire deck and seeing cr1tical struggle with it was gold

  15. That Seto player in between turns 3 and 4 destroyed himself to the point that he only had 900 points and one shitty monster, and then a cut and a turn later hes got 4,800 points and two 2,000+ attack monster. Wtf. 😂

  16. 4:284:46 is a perfect example of someone trying to squish out that final hamstring of a win with any boss.

  17. When effects are not set to auto…
    That mid attack prompt has killed me on time before as well, not fun

  18. So he was playing Red Eyes fusion… Without a red eyes on his deck..?

  19. Duel links is brain dead and easy the actual yugioh tcg is way more complicated and hard

  20. Cr1tikal, making people regret downloading games since the beginning of time.

  21. This guy doesn't look like he knows what he's doing. Beats Charlie on Turn 3.

  22. yugioh is such a braindead easy game XD
    am i gonna be the one to explain to him danger thunder guardragon or are you?

  23. Accidentally losing my duel links account was life-saving

  24. I want you to play honkai impact 3. It's basically pokemon but as anime waifus

  25. The fact that they added so many extra, complex effects and cards and whatnot to yugioh really turns me off playing it.

  26. Yugi in first episode loses and loses grandpas soul at last second because of time running out
    Charlie has a basically for sure win and loses because of time running out coincidence i think not

  27. Yugioh has so many bullshit cards I'm surprised people still play this.

  28. I've lost cause of time in a tournament. Lost my shit

  29. If you are the king of card games beat me in card wars

  30. The true joy of card games is the powerful universal abillity to turn your cheap second hand bicycle into a epic revving motorcycle.

  31. I miss this game a fair bit. Haven’t played since I ragequit over he Amazon nerfs

  32. "All I do is beat women" and, "I just annihilated this child" are the two best sentences I've ever heard in a single video.

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