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I Built An ENTIRE CARD GAME In Minecraft! #Shorts

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I built a fully playable trading card game in Minecraft!

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  1. Beef you're a madman if all of those maps still existed individually in the world it would have an area of around two and a half million blocks

  2. Cool but MUMBO IS BACK! Someone took your title of richest

  3. Playing the long game. I do think it's absolutely incredible the amount of time and work you have put into it. It looks like a lot of fun.

  4. I hate that you have to do this short bullshit but it's a badass game man

  5. Beef deserves to be in my top 10 Hermits for the effort he took with making this game.

  6. Nope mumbos the richest on the server vintage, sorry 😅

  7. Nu-hu! Mumbo is one and only richest hermit on hermitcraft!


  8. The ironic part is besides docm77 being the absolute richest, I think mumbo is currently richer than you… In fact, zedaph and cubfan might be competing with you for richest…. Oh wait, where is grian and tango in the economy, and scar is a grinder, wow, the Hermitcraft economy is hard to place, but sorry, I don't think you can call yourself the richest… Very rich, absolutely, but not THE Richest

  9. TIL Beef built the whole game just for this youtube short

  10. The richest person on the hermitcraft server besides Mumbo of course

  11. such a sick achievement, such a long grind but so worth it

  12. Yes and No… Yes, he did make the game… No, because he only charges FIVE diamond blocks for the first set… Everything else is on Tokens… which are *Technically free… By playing games…
    I failed to see his business plan, but, it's MineCraft… I guess, I can let this slide!!!
    * Which, by the looks of it, he can't do… and be forewarned, he will be crying at Etho's drift courses… Just you watch!

  13. I left together with Mumbo and missed half of the hermit craft stuff. What are the rules of this game?

  14. But I thought Mumbo was the richest hermit ?

  15. Beef this is so good!
    Beef is such an underrated Minecraft player.
    But then Mumbo comes back and he is suddenly the richest hermit. Thanks to Ren

  16. Wait you made150 cards and each one is 16,384 blocks! So in totle you use: 2,457,600 BLOCKS!!!

  17. if anyone wanna play stat poker with Beef don't ever think of betting on how many block placed with him on the table lol

  18. I loved watching you do this all season. The hermits love the game and it's been fun watching them play! I'd love to be able to have a deck myself 😉😸

  19. Dangerous words at the end. Mumbo might hear you

  20. Idea for hermit card
    “The audience” type prankster
    300 hp
    First ability: “ like& subscribe” heal 20 hp to one hermit AFK cost 1 pranksters
    Second ability: “Shut up and take my money” destroy this card and heal 50 hp to all AFK hermits. Opponent gains one victory point. Cost 3 pranksters

  21. I love it that this is totally true too! unlike a lot of these shorts you see, GG VB, Ill have my set on order for sure!

  22. Richest hermit? He must have forgotten about Mumbo

  23. Can you guys try to sell a 2 player starter pack? That way me and my roommate can play right away without having to buy two separate deck orders?

  24. he should make this a mod and upload it to fabric and forge

  25. Ironically i think that Mumbo still holds that distinction. Even after doing nothing for most of the year

  26. I'm don't play cards, but I love watching everyone play it. Great idea beef!

  27. You should take pictures of the cards in Minecraft and make physical copy’s to play with friends in real life!
    And maybe even give a download link to print them out so other people can play it too!

  28. I think it's amazing, that you used regular maps instead of custom skins

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