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I HAVE A GX CARD ! | Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online #1 In Hindi

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Let’s Play With Some Pokemon Cards !

Download Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Here :-

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  1. Kya koi mere sath kuch trade karnan chahega?

  2. Rishabh bro it's not gx card it's holo card

  3. Play pokemon gaia version in mobile gba emulatur

  4. there are different pokemon cards types like shiny, hollow graphic, full art cards etc
    well if I am not wrong ur card was hollow graphic

  5. How to download in mobile Pokemon TCG online

  6. Pokemon let's go Pikachu kaise download Karen bhai batao phone mein

  7. Bruh if you have a android tablet you can play this game on android

  8. You get 5 tutorials first time and get 1 tutorial the next time

  9. bhai ya game android par bei hai happymod app se google par type karo

  10. Warning- play this game only if u have wifi

  11. the HO-OH GX card you own i have it in my real my

  12. Mere main nhi hoga install aisa dikha raha hai kya kru

  13. I have dialga gx palkia gx rayquaza gx and mewtwo gx

  14. I have about 200 pokemon cards . I was really happy having them until I realised half of them are fake

  15. Bahi which Pokemon you like I like ash greninja

  16. I have also a ho – oh gx but offline not online

  17. Isko Tum Android Pe Bhi Khel Sakte Ho PlayStore Pe Mil Jayega !!

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