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I learned to throw cards

Mike Shake
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Throw Cards. YESGO


  1. The zucchini:”lol wut are you doing🤣 wait are you trying? No way😳 😩WAIT NO IM SORRY-“ insert Taco Bell dong here

  2. it’s his enemy because it’s 6 inches and he only has 2 inches

  3. Girls wont understand this video

    Boys be like 😎💀💀

    It a joke btw

  4. "my D-.. AHHH its missing!! "
    -master oogway after his d-cut off

  5. What happens if you lose? Do you just go, “no go!“

  6. From the people that watched Scot Squad-
    "This is your power, ugh ugh, this is the accuracy"
    (Ball shot)

  7. To everybody who wants to learn throwing cards, please don’t copy his technic, it is very bad! So just watch an actual tutorial how you do it

  8. WeLl AcTuYalLy ThaTS a FruIT noT a VegEtaBle

  9. Why do I feel like you are a copy of the paper duy

  10. Read Cards as Weapons by Ricky Jay. And maybe go with stiffer cards, some cardistry decks are great especially stuff from NDO and Jaspas. They’re like wood they’re so snappy

  11. He just chopped someones zuccini💀💀💀💀💀💀

  12. Bro said "vejetable"💀💀💀💀💀💀

  13. Is the zucchini his enemy because god made him short down under there

  14. Forget the trick, why is that zucchini your enemy? 🤨

  15. Bro caught his girlfriend cheating on him with the object

  16. Watch Rick Smith jr bruh that's not how u their cards

  17. This is so damm dangerous it broke my tv

  18. How you got your enemy's vegetable?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. You have earned my subscription for being awesome lol

  20. fun story here we used to trade and gamble with collectors soccer cards when I was a child and we had a game called"wiitwurf" which roughly translates to "long shot" and me and a competitor throw the cards as far away as we can in a agreed direction and whoever throwed it further was able to keep both thrown cards! The tecnique explained by him was some other kids used but they rarely won in those competitions!

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