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Dead Grid is a card-based strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Discover hundreds of upgradable items. Assemble a squad of elite mercenaries to slaughter hordes of zombies with your arsenal of destruction.

The Let’s Try series is a way to preview / review games in order to get my first impressions through the first moments of gameplay.

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Recruit and gear up a squad of elite mercenaries with hundreds of weapons and accessory items. Take your squad to face hordes of zombies at different 3D environments where the world is seen through the cards.



  1. This looks like something I'd really get into. Time to jump over to Steam and pick it up! Sadly, no internet at the moment to put it on my laptop.

  2. I would most definitely watch a series on this. there's just so much there already! ♥

  3. The quality of life stuff seems rather high on this thus far! Nifty!

  4. I think my favourite quote so far has been: "Boxed Dan, you don't have to turn on the red light".

  5. This looks like an extremely solid game with a lot of cool stuff.

    As it's Reto's jam, and it was very interesting, sure would watch some more!

  6. Yo game looks great, I'll try it out. Its always great to see new games brought to my attention due to you, keep on it.

  7. Wow it look like a zombie flash game The Last Stand browser game vibe hahaa but in card strategy.

  8. Nice and detailed game, definitely would be great to see more gameplay of this!

  9. Thank you very much for covering my game! Watching you play it gave me a lot of feedback of the features to improve next.

  10. Totally your kind of jam? Would you say a 100% chance to jam?

  11. Would love to see a series on this! Especially for more Boxed Dan puns

  12. "Tutorial: 1-get a weapon 2-complete tutorial"

    Similar vibes to "How to draw an owl. 1- draw a circle. 2-draw the rest of the owl" XDDDD

  13. This looks really fun, idk who did this but wow.

  14. This looks like a great game with a lot of potential. And thanks for that "Boxed Dan" moment – I genuinely laughed out loud. I always enjoy your series and try to keep up with them as best I can. I just finished Tower Tactics: Liberation and hope to see more of it in the future. I loved Card Survival: Tropical Island. Thanks for making such great content Reto. 🙂

  15. Am I the only one thinking "Oh, I can play this game really chill, nice!"

  16. This game looks insanely cool! Please make it a Let's Play!

  17. Just speculation here from the wording, but I believe the reason to equip Shields is that they absorb either all or some portion of damage from incoming attacks (the total amount a shield can absorb should be determined by its durability, which appears to be quite high on average). I would guess they block "all" damage from attacks considering they remove your dodge/parry chance, and better shields likely have improved abilities such as damage reflection (I noticed a merc holding a spiked shield in some splash art) or an improved chance to taunt enemies. Of course, the downside is that you can't dodge or parry (looks to be an anti-synergy with martial arts/unarmed skills) and your melee attacks will be significantly weaker. The stun chance on attacks does seem useful in certain circumstances (broken even, depending on how resistances and immunities end up working out), and I would hazard a guess that skills exist to increase the specific effectiveness of "tank" builds. Shields would likely pair well with quiet, ammo-efficient ranged weapons such as pistols, and explosives or tools which only require AP to use (especially if you can partially rely on taunt/stun stalling tactics to take advantage of stacking burn effects).

    I think my ability to derive so much potential information from just the "context" provided by a couple of junky tier 1 shields speaks volumes to the quality of this game's design. A shining example of how to employ a numbers-heavy system without making it totally convoluted.

    I think the only criticism I can lodge towards this game right now is that it's lacking a feeling of "momentum" in the combat department. The fun animations and gore effects help to mitigate this feeling on an aesthetic level, however, my concern is aimed more towards the mechanics. The random card outcomes, limited hand size, lack of hand/deck management, lack of combo or synergy-focused keywords, and the present inclination towards simplistic percentile buffs to basic combat stats leaves me a bit worried that future gameplay will, to a detrimenral level, over-reward a slow and methodical style of play.

    Obviously, it's difficult to determine if this issue will persist beyond the current tutorial period, but I can definitely see the potential risk of later fights turning into a number bloated slog-fest in the absence of a more thoroughly explored design space. The currently revealed parts of the system (rage, noise, initiative, stamina, action economy, etc…) hint to an "attrition-focused" difficulty curve which, while matching the zombie apocalypse setting, often comes with a fatal pitfall for game devs. Simply put, rarely is it "fun" to slowly bleed out, or particularly "engaging" to spend the majority of your time and resources staunching the flow. "Survival" is often only a fun and engaging challenge/goal if the player is given enough proactive choices to feel as though it is something which can be won and (by extension) lost.

    Don't get me wrong, there's certainly enough going on here that I am inclined to believe the dev(s) are well aware of this threat and are taking their own steps to address it, I just felt like rambling for a while about an interesting topic.

  18. No, No, you're right, this game has a ton of charm, don't feel bad for pointing it out. They have an animation for you upgrading your weapon. They could have gone minimal animations and been fine, but they gave us everything. Have fun with it, enjoy it, that's what I wanna see from you Reto. I wanna see you having fun.

  19. Finding and binging Card Survival Tropical Island was how I found this cannel, and I super appreciate its likeness in a zombie survival game! Especially just being released in early access, this seems to have a very solid base so far and has the potential to be a fantastic game!

  20. hasnt card survival recieved alot of updates by now? wouldnt mind seeing another playtrough of that ^^

  21. I really feel want to see you play this game as mini series.

  22. "I feel it makes no sense to throw the molotov." Who are you and what have you done with Reto!?

  23. It would be hilarious if you could throw body parts at zombies to do minimal damage but save ammo/durability.

  24. I'll be glad if this one makes it to the Let's Play. I'm seriously digging this game

  25. Seeing the extra mercs I would love to see reto as a extra merc

  26. Yeah I'd say a bitty baby commitment of like five episodes would be very much worth the time. I am also deeply religious for the card survival vibe.

  27. So, this will be a series, right? Game rules already.

    Either way, I bought it as soon as I got to the end of the video.

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