I Opened The Rarest $10,000 Pokemon Pack...Then Disaster Struck - finalbosscardgame.com

I Opened The Rarest $10,000 Pokemon Pack…Then Disaster Struck

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I oepned the rarest $10,000 Pokemon pack…but it was a disaster.
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  1. Day 18 of asking rev for lost origin vs lost abyss

  2. I risked $25 on an XY evolution pack and got nothing

  3. I hate how people always just look at cards a money values instead of collecting what you like too. Thanks for the content tho

  4. Oh boy, I was getting so excited seeing these cards. Such a shame about the dents.

  5. I used to have all the classic damn!

  6. Great fun to watch. Shame about the dents too. Can't wait to see what Tuesday brings 🙂

  7. If you sold all your best cards including psa cards how much money would you have also love your content ❤❤❤

  8. Subscribe to dbk kdb for great let's play videos and better content than this garbage

  9. I have the Growlithe and the koffing same year same moves same exact card 🙂

  10. Can I have some of your rare cards

  11. Can u send me some cards I just started my channel of opening Pokémon cards pls

  12. Love your content I have been collecting Pokémon cards because of you thank you very much

  13. I want to buy a base set booster but I don’t trust there not weighed out

  14. I love that I get to see you do these because I’ll
    Never be able to open these again ahah 😅

  15. I have ninetals and mewto and black charizard and pikachu rachu thorchu

  16. Always a good time watching your channel

  17. I remember when those boxes were $40 for first edition. A buddy of mine bought a few cases of it, had about 40 1st edition charizards sleeved up.
    Until his son poured milk on them.

  18. i have a charizard 1st edition
    if you want i can give you that fo 101$

    Edit- i have Arceus V-Astro too gold
    but i am not sure that it is real or not

  19. How are pokemon cards worth dollars bro can u explain?

  20. can you sell that ninetail for the price of 759??

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