I played my hand with one card face up?! #shorts #poker - finalbosscardgame.com

I played my hand with one card face up?! #shorts #poker

Wolfgang Poker
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#shorts #poker #pokervlog


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  1. IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG SINCE IVE SEEN ONE OF YOUR SHORTS, officially made my Sunday 20x better

  2. J4 re-raise pre-flop. Strange play. Post flop waa looking for runner runner on str8 or flush and caught the flush…hmm

  3. 6x preflop call with J4. Keep that one around, he will make you wealthy over time.

  4. I have no idea what's going on but it's hella entertaining

  5. Keep playing with that J4 and you’ll get burned 😂😂😂

  6. Wolfgang Adelstein wants his money back😏

  7. Raised425 for J and 4 hearts. What a fish…he aint gonna last

  8. Are these cash games or tournaments. If it’s cash I’m doing something wrong in life talk just betting and raising my weekly checks

  9. U didn't play it face up, or was it mandatory face up. 🤔. Us that live cash' I like it 😢

  10. If you're not at a casino
    Seems..honestly scripted . This video seems like yall are acting

  11. Idk how to play poker but your vids are fire 🔥

  12. Hahaha this is definitely play money

  13. Im pissed and that AK wasn’t even my hand. What a bluff.

  14. The mudkip is the best part (i think he is called that)

  15. Good fold
    What's a jack for? Flat tire
    He played J-4♥︎???
    You play with morons who overbet J-4???

  16. This is why I hate home games. Everyone talking the whole hand making suggestions to players still in the hand.

  17. Yooooo is that Adam from our boat trip in Chicago :D?

  18. Gambling is injurious to health as well as weather… So… Be wise❤❤❤

  19. This must be the complete donkey table. He makes a silly raise and you called the silly raise.

  20. guy really re raised with J4 hearts before flop and got rewarded hitting runner runner

  21. I don't think you understand how much that Patrick soundbite makes my day

  22. That's a punter getting lucky
    If only games i played had such players

  23. Dont understand why you didnt shove on him pre-flop

  24. $425 preflop with J4? Where are these players in my games…😅

  25. That dumbass better know that nobody stays in hoping to catch two cards unless they're morons

  26. If he showed the J it would be a Call at river

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