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I RISKED $2,000 For THIS Pokémon Card 🤯 #shorts

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I risked $2,000 on this very rare Luigi Pikachu Special Box to see if the Pokémon cards inside are worth more than the original price of the box, after we get the cards graded!


  1. why would you ever grade something valuable with CGC lmao

  2. I love your vids! Especially the video with MYSTIC7!

  3. I will give you my golden Charizard for either one

  4. I saw the opening and wow 🤩 amazing lost for words I wish I wish lol 😂

  5. So I pulled a Blanche Trainer 082/078 rainbow card and want to know if it's worth trying to grade it

  6. So happy for you congratulations 👏🎉 love your channel 🇮🇪💚🇮🇪

  7. Why send them to cgc but still show psa pricing

  8. Wait I know you I was at the place where you gave me some rare cards

  9. Break the seal, take out the pokemon card and send it back they'll probably give you a ten

  10. Does anyone knows why the price on EBay is $10k to $11k for both?

  11. I remember when these came out and I thought that they would make more so i didn’t get the box but got the plushes instead biggest mistake

  12. how you submit cards to psa and what's the legit link for it?

  13. Are you the same person from the video of the guy saying the Pokémon’s name wrong and you getting upset from it

  14. 9.5 is still awesome! Congrats on that perfect 10!!!

  15. I literally can't get over why u changed ur hair you natural hair was😍

  16. It is so stupid to buy something worth $2000 to risk losing it in a gamble like that. Also, Pokemon cards are like Crypto in a way. It is only expensive right now because of the rich people who still care about it. Once it passes, everyone loses.

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