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I Spent 10 Hours Learning The Pokemon TCG to Prove IT’S RIDICULOUS

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rarran plays Pokemon TCG for 10 hours to see if its the best card game

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I Played Magic for 10 Hours To See If It’s The BEST Card Game

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  1. the Pokemon community doesn't love that client, but i'd absolute KILL to play Rarran in Pokemon TCG online… i'll play lost box and just confuse tf outta him lol

  2. Pokemon TCG is fun, nothing else. It's not competitive at any high rate scenario if you compare with other better TCGs like MTG. It's SO LUCK based, the prize cards takes out the consistence of your deck, the mulligan is terrible, etc. It's just a casual game. Wanna get serious? Play MTG.

  3. I feel like he should try ashes reborn: rise of phoenic born. I know the name is long, but its honetly super simple and takes aspects of mtg and yugioh that are great, but removes all the bs associated with them. For instance, you use dice as a mana resource instead of cards/lands. everyone has the same amount of dice, and if you need to change the dice power, thats an option instead of jsut hoping for the best. Also you get to pick your hand, and your actions are limited to 2 actions per turn. So there is a lot of back and forth as well as smart counterplay depending on if you know the matchup. The only issue with this game is that it is super new, and I don't think has many online simulators, but is absolutely worth looking into in my opinion

  4. Now learn how to play Digimon TCG, and find out how that game is balanced

  5. Yeah it feels similar to yugioh itself cause you may play all of your cards in a turn except on a little restrictions. You can also overkill your opponent. And make shortcuts on evolving your pokemon. (special summoning in yugioh.)

    But pokemon is a bit slow unlike yugioh today. Those "EX" cards makes it fast a bit. And restrictions on this game makes sense.

    If you are wondering, pokemon don't have "extra deck" thing but they have also summoning methods like in yugioh.(evolve, mega,terra,gigantamax,etc.)

  6. Can't wait for you to learn about Gym Leader Challenge. Aka Pokemon Commander. No ex, no v star, just good old single prize pokemon. Its such a fun format

  7. Try to play a meta deck this makes the game so much better now it s like playing arena with a bad draft in hs


  9. Loved watching my guy praise the worse Live client. That said, always happy to see someone having a fun experience learning Pokémon. Would love to see you play some more in the future!


  11. Dude your being extra , pokemon tcg online is super easy to play and it's plenty fun , I've played all the online card games , pokemon is great because you can just buy a nice deck for like $10 that is competitive, unlike magic or hearthstone were you can drop $100+ and still not be able to compete at all.

    It has a standard rotation which is nice , and there is no 1 turn wins like in yugioh.

    Pokemon tcg online is super beginner friendly vs most other card games.

    Magic is fun too , and easy to learn , but you would have to spend major money to do well , or no life it for free packs

    Again just buy a deck , don't buy packs.

  12. I watch you but dont play hearthstone, i play MTG, but i like your content

  13. "This could use some voice acting. I think pokemon makes enough money." We've tried to tell them for years.

  14. The game is super easy to understand and the decks super easy to customize. The thing that bugs me the most about this guy trying new card games is his refusal to check is inventory and try to figure out how to make a better deck. Like literally just switch the charazard cards from the archinine deck with the Ex cards it gave you and add draw cards and your set for a WHILE.

  15. The vast majority of top decks don't use coin flips, and when they do it's nothing too annoying or game-altering (Lugia Vstar with Capturing Aroma, and Mew Vamx with Cram-o-Matic)

  16. A yu-gi-oh player will see the efects of the support cards and will have a panic attack

  17. "as someone who's played pokemon their entire life" and then proceeds to not know most of the pokemon shown in the game past gen 1

  18. If you know how to play Yugi or Magic, Pokémon takes 3 duels to catch up.
    I´m a Yugioh Judge and took me 1 night to catch up with Magic just because needed to read everysingle card my oponent played but Pokémon is as intended, a child's play. I loved it to the point of buying 5 decks the first month (it is cheaper, another great point).

  19. Bro lost against Meowscarada and said deck diff 😭

  20. the thing is you can't "open packs and gamble" cuz there's no microtransactions

  21. Rainman when a card game isn't literally reskinned hearthstone be like:

  22. Cool to see Macho Man Rarrandy Savage branch out even more

  23. idk it took me like 20 minutes to understand the game its pretty simple dude.

  24. I think all collectible TCGs should be required by law to put gambling warnings on the packs with a number for gamblers helplines.

  25. As a Pokemon player, I agree with your hatred of Yugioh

  26. Just wanna say, I was the "Eggcellent match" gal that you conceded on. Yes, it'sa me, Iteration13. I about pissed myself when I saw I was in your video. I just found your channel today! Literally have seen two of your videos and I end up being in one. WEIRD. Anyway, you'll be hearing from my lawyers, who will collect my royalties. JK, just stoked to see myself in a vid, even if it's just my PTCG avatar lol. Seriously was having a bad day, but now I can flex my incredible internet fame (another joke), really brightened my day (genuine).

  27. Most in the community will not play on PTCGL as it's trash. I had over 25,000 games and 100 decks on older platform but will not waste my time on Live. I will come back when a new Pokemon online game is created. Meanwhile, I will play Magic the Gathering.

  28. Bruh I just started to watch this, and this was fire. I dont even play this game. You just are a fun content creator and fire edits.. positive outlook, love it man.

  29. Pokemon TCG is marketed at actual 4 year olds but designed for PHD certified Rocket Engineers.

  30. You should run a poll as to how much of your viewership actually plays Hearthstone. I swear I haven't played that game since 2016.

  31. Dude you are too funny, id love to see you do more pokemon tcg videos.

  32. Try the one piece tcg next. It’s the OPTCGSim

  33. It's disappointing how the game tutorial just shows you how to play the cards and doesn't explain anything else. Like before the game starts you should never bench Pokémon, it's just incorrect and the game told you to do the wrong thing

  34. Play the TCG games on the GBC too, that would be nice.

  35. Rarran got super lucky that his client actually worked, over 8 months and I still cant get the game to run on pc properly, search cards bugging out, matches freezing, opponents avatar not showing up and the list goes on

  36. the cool thing about the ptcgl battle pass is that even the "premium" pass is free

  37. Alright who was the filthy casual that said Pokemon plays exactly like YGO?😂😂

  38. bruh really change the tiltle 💀

  39. This game is much better than the last because when starting they give you a full list of starting decks that are actually good and viable, even if they could be slightly better with some upgrades.

  40. lol, why playing casual when you can play against other noobs in ranked?

  41. Gotta love that "Oh god it's Yugioh" really is the most basic insult in the TCG world

  42. I’m a retired TCG player, because I stopped in 2020 when IT happened. My favorite archetype was Night March, and it is still my favorite.

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